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Why study Spanish at Gustavus?

Studying Spanish opens the door to connecting with the more than 500 million Spanish speakers around the world. The faculty emphasize current events and put language into cultural context to strengthen your language skills. You will also have abundant learning opportunities outside the classroom, such as community-based learning through Language Buddies, tutoring, and study abroad options.

Course Examples

Every year, Gustavus faculty teach more than 1,800 courses - you'll be able to choose what interests you. Maybe one of these courses from Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures will be on your class schedule.

  • SPA-200Crossing Borders
  • SPA-280Literature Film and Society
  • SPA-375Gender and Sexual Identities in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • SPA-330Thinking in Spanish beyond Translations
Jorge Koenen ’25, Spanish Major

The professors’ aim is to make the learning environment safe and welcoming to facilitate an environment that is optimal for learning.

Jorge Koenen ’25, Spanish Major

What can I do with a degree in Spanish?

The Spanish major is adaptable - and valuable - leading to many different fields and fulfilling careers. Here are a few popular paths, but a Gustavus degree can take you anywhere.

  • Foreign Service
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Counseling
  • Cultural Center Administration
  • International Organizations
Average salary 5 years post graduation Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes Explorer from the U.S. Census Bureau
75%  Ultimately attended graduate or professional school
11:1  Student to Faculty Ratio
72  Majors
100%  of courses taught by faculty members

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