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Unlock the Door to a Multicultural Adventure with MLC at Gustavus

At Gustavus, language is more than a group of nouns, verbs, and pesky prepositions. It's a reflection of culture, countries, and communities around the world. Through a curriculum that emphasizes current events and puts language into cultural context, students become intercultural ambassadors who can speak about themselves and their world. The ability to communicate across cultures translates to careers in virtually any field and enables you to be the person that connects individuals, ideas, and international communities.

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Members of Organization for Latin American and Spanish Cultures at Gustavus perforing at Latin Night.

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Our department is your gateway to cultures, languages, and people that span the globe through the study of Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian. Dream of speaking with Spanish speakers, journeying through Japan, or finding friends in the francophone world? Reach fluency with a language major, complement another degree with a language minor, or simply discover the joy of communicating with others in a new way. With a commitment to work across many disciplines, our department will help you develop into a more informed, connected, and confident global citizen.

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Immerse Yourself in a World of Language and Culture

At Gustavus, we know the only way to learn a language is to live it. Study abroad, work in local communities with native speakers, practice your skills with tutors and digital resources from our Culpeper Language Learning Center, or get involved with a student club. Through it all, discover all the ins and outs of language that textbooks can't teach.

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Two Gustavus students taking a selfie in front of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya while studying away in Barcelona, Spain.


The MLC Department is a dynamic community filled with curious, motivated students and faculty who are eager to connect with each other and the world, where language learning and cultural exploration intersect. From the engaging pedagogy of our faculty to the thriving multilingual journeys of our students, the MLC Department fosters a rich and rewarding educational experience. On and off the Hill, our students and faculty are continually inspired to grow and pursue their passions.

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Paschal Kyoore

Paschal Kyoore

Modern Languages, Literature, and Cultures

“Challenging students to be critical thinkers, and to open their minds to better understand and appreciate the world outside their own familiar environment.” What are your areas of research and teaching expertise? Teaching: French language, literature, and culture; Francophone literatures and cultures. Research: Francophone African and Caribbean literatures and Cultures, African Folklore. What is your […]

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