Opportunities with MLLCDepartment of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Group of Gustavus Students while studying away in Valencia, Spain.

The Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department at Gustavus offers a range of learning opportunities and resources for students to further their knowledge and understanding of the world. Students are encouraged to go beyond studying one of the various languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Japanese. You can immerse yourself in the different cultures on campus and away. Explore the opportunities to study abroad, attend cultural events and lectures, build relationships with local fluent speakers, work with faculty on research, and participate in clubs.

Open a Door to the Global Community: Discover the Opportunities with MLLC

  • Student Clubs and Honor Groups Explore student-led clubs that build communities around sharing culture. Build relationships with people who share your interests, plan and participate in cultural events, and just have fun! From movie showings to cooking nights, joining a student group is a rewarding part of the MLLC community.

  • Study Away Step into life-changing global experiences and grow your language proficiency with Gustavus's study away programs. Immerse yourself in new cultures and gain a valuable global perspective. Plus, the independence, adaptability, and cross-cultural competencies gained will make your resume stand out to employers, setting you apart in the job market.

  • Community-Based Service and Learning Connect your classroom learning with valuable experiences in the community. Meet local native and fluent speakers through service-learning activities, community-based projects, and volunteering. Strengthen language and cultural knowledge while helping others.

  • Internships Enhance your MLLC classroom experience with an internship to explore a career path. You'll gain valuable skills, build your resume, and make meaningful professional connections in your field. Continue on your career journey with an MLLC internship.

  • ResearchInterested in going deeper and working independently? Take your knowledge to the next level with MLLC research. Our expert faculty will guide you as you dive into a topic within your major, gaining hands-on experience in your field. Expand your learning and skills through research.