Center for International and Cultural Education

The mission of the Center for International and Cultural Education is to foster compassion, empathy, and global and social responsibility by providing abundant opportunities for intercultural experiences while encouraging individuals to challenge themselves intellectually and personally toward a deeper understanding of our interconnected world.

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A cross-cultural and internationalized perspective, both on campus and in off-campus environments, is essential to a quality education, to building scholarly standing, to augmenting service to society and to developing a critical awareness of the common problems facing the world. Internationalized education at Gustavus moves students to understand the richness of culture; the complexities of religion, economics and ethnicity; the nuances of power; and the histories of many people, which results in different worldviews. We value diversity and cohesion, and acknowledge that there are many different ways of knowing. Our goal is to prepare students who can communicate freely with others in the realm of ideas, think critically, and who can act as responsible, concerned citizens of an ever-changing world.

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Study Abroad Returnee Session: "Going Abroad Again"


Come join Semester and Year Study Away Director Jill Fischer and Study Abroad Peer Advisor Sam Luby present the first of a three part series on different strategies for study abroad returnees. The first session theme is "Going Abroad Again" and will involve information on how to go abroad after graduation, whether to work or to study, and how to finance these trips. We hope to see you there!!!!

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Date Event
Today 55:45 pm Study Abroad Returnee Session: "Going Abroad Again" Lounge - Johnson Student Union
May 9 2:304 pm British Afternoon Tea Beta Kappa Room
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Carolyn O'Grady Director of International and Cultural Education and Professor of Education 507-933-7545 web
Linda Shaw Assistant Director 507-933-7150
Jeff Anderson International Student Services Coordinator 507-933-7493
Nancy Plamann Finance Manager of International and Cultural Education 507-933-7149 web
Jill Fischer Study Abroad Advisor 507-933-7546