Center for International and Cultural Education

We love our Gusties!

Welcome to the CICE Alumni pages. Here you'll find information about ways to remain engaged with Gustavus and its global programming, global opportunities (travel and employment opportunities) that are open to alumni, and various fellowships and funding program for graduate study and other post-graduation activities.

Most importantly, we love to hear your stories and hope you will share with us. Contact us if you would like to share about your time at Gustavus or any of your experiences since graduation.

What we are up to

We are in an exciting time for global learning at Gustavus! Here are just a few highlights of what we have been up to for the past few years:

• Integrating academic support and programming for multilingual learners
We recently combined efforts with the Writing Center, the Academic Support Center, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, and the Diversity Center to create a new position: multilingual and intercultural program coordinator. This cooridnator supports the academic and overall success of both international and US multilingual students at the College, offering a half-semester course, direct mentorship and advising for students, training and programs for faculty and staff, and global programs on campus.

• Expanding and improving access to the study away program offerings
We have also been busy improving our suite of available study away programs, adding more programs that are affordable for all Gusties, and improving access through the implementation of new grants and scholarships programs. In addition, we continue to work with Gustavus faculty to develop and offer unique, immersive, and enriching faculty-led study away opportunities.

• Serving an increasingly diverse group of international students
While the total number of international students has increased dramatically in the past decade, we are also welcoming students from many countries that were previously not represented at Gustavus (or had not been for many years). In just the last few years, we have welcomed new Gusties from Georgia, Jordan, Mauritius, and many other locations. As a result, our suite of programming – from the International Student Orientation to workshops on US income taxes to support with immigration paperwork – is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. Nevertheless, Jeff Anderson continues to welcome our new global Gusties, just as he's done for almost 20 years now!