Global Opportunities

Center for International and Cultural Education

Just because you've graduated and moved on from Gustavus does not preclude you from engaging in global opportunities! There are many out there that you may find on your own. There are also a few opportunities that Gustavus can offer:

1. Gustavus Group Tours
There are international and domestic tours organized for Gustavus alumni (as well as parents of students and other friends of the College). There are also, as many of you know, music tours that often include a companion tour for alumni and other participants. See the Gustavus Tours page for additional information.

2. GoinGlobal: Your resource for finding career opportunities worldwide
Interested in looking for your next professional opportunity in Asia or South America? Gustavus licenses the GoinGlobal search system, which allows current students and alumni to search for opportunities. It also includes information about companies in the US that have recently sponsored H-1B visa applications for international alumni looking for work in the US. The link is on the righthand side of the Career Development website.

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