Funding for Post-Graduation Global Activities

Center for International and Cultural Education

Are you interested in funding opportunities such as fellowships that facilitate post-graduation global activities? There are a number of opportunities open to alumni during/for graduate study and other projects. Some awards are open only to US students; some are open only to international students; and some are open to everyone.

For international alumni
For US alumni
  • The Gustavus Fellowships Office provides advising and application support for a number of US-based awards. Alumni – especially recent alumni – may consult this office for assistance. They also have a page of the fellowships that fund international activities for US applicants.
  • The Fulbright Student Program provides awards for graduate study, research, creative arts projects, and serving as English Teaching Assistants for recent BA graduates and graduate students, and the Fulbright Scholar Program provides awards of various lengths and types for individuals with terminal degrees (PhD, MFA, etc.) or extensive/equivalent professional experience.
  • Boren Fellowships provide up to $24,000 for a year of international study during graduate school. They are funded by the State Department and require at least one year of employment service after graduation, so they are a perfect option for students interested in working in security, diplomacy, and related areas.
  • Marshall and Rhodes scholarships fund graduate study in the UK for US students.
  • The Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship funds graduate training for minorities, women, and those with financial need in international affairs in preparation for careers in diplomacy and foreign service.