Information for Parents

Information for International Parents

Selvaraj Family

Dear Parents:

Thank you for encouraging your son or daughter to choose Gustavus for their international study. The Center for International and Cultural Education works hard to make the transition for international students as easy as possible. We hope you will read through the information we provide for students about application procedures, what to bring (and what not to bring), weather in Minnesota, and more.

We require international students to arrive on campus for orientation one week before classes begin. Sometimes parents like to accompany their daughter or son on this important journey. There is no housing available on campus for parents, but St. Peter has several motels you may contact for reservations. Because St. Peter is a fairly small town it is possible to walk to a destination (distance from the motel to the campus is given below). There is also a St. Peter transit bus which offers door-to-door passenger service for a small fee. (Please note that we do provide an on-campus housing option during graduation for parents of students who are graduating. For more information on this, contact Jeff Anderson.)

More information for parents can be found on the general Gustavus Parent page. Still have questions? Contact us.