El tintero

El tintero is a student online literary, cinematic, and artistic journal featuring the original works of our students written in Spanish. View the current or previous volumes of the journal following one of the links below.

La mesa de español

LA MESA DE ESPAÑOL meets every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Cafeteria. This is a great opportunity to talk with other students and faculty members about different topics in Spanish in a relaxed environment.

Image of Eric Dronen"Going to La Mesa is a unique opportunity that allows you to come out of your comfort zone and make great strides with your speaking and listening abilities. I feel so blessed to have participated with La Mesa simply because of the notable improvement I made with the language and with my own self-confidence. My only regret is that I did not start going sooner." -Eric Dronen

"La Mesa is a great way to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and learn a little more about their unique experiences learning Spanish. It is also fun to have professors and students come together and learn new vocabulary, expressions or "sayings" from different Spanish speaking countries."
-Jennifer Hernández

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Hispanic Honor Society. Students who are members of the society are committed not only to learning a language, but also to understanding the culture and traditions of Spanish speakers across the globe. Here at Gustavus, we are responsible for coordinating and developing programs which help involve both students and the Saint Peter community in Hispanic culture. From volunteering in area schools to hosting weekly social events, we are working to provide a wide range of activities designed to introduce students to a completely different world.


Each semester we hire student tutors who focus on basic through advanced Spanish grammar and composition. If you would like to be considered for a tutor position, please contact Professor Maria Isabel Kalbermatten ( or Professor Angelique Dwyer (

Image of Natalie Green"I love being a tutor because I have the chance to share my passion for Spanish with others and I also get to see the students' growth over time. Being able to speak another language is a powerful tool, so having the chance to encourage others to learn Spanish is a great experience."
-Sam Good

Image of Natalie Green"I like being a tutor for Spanish because it gives me the chance to help others understand and discover a language for which I have developed a passion. Tutoring also allows me to practice and refine my teaching skills, something that will help me significantly in my future as a Spanish teacher."
-Natalie Green

Student Assistant

The Spanish Student Assistant is the face of the Spanish student body. He or she must exemplify the desired student outcomes as well as be a role model for his or her peers.


  • lead La mesa de español every week,
  • be a liason between Spanish faculty and students
  • assist the Spanish section with upcoming events
  • give a culture presentation on campus


Image of OLAS membersThe mission of OLAS (Organization for Latin American, Latino/a and Spanish Cultures) is to foster transcultural competence through community outreach for the purpose of promoting empathy, inclusion and belonging. On- campus events include Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day Celebrations, Christmas Posadas, and Brazilian Carnival. For more information on how to join contact:

Language Buddies

Language Buddies is a Spanish student organization in partnership with the Latino community of St. Peter. Students and families meet regularly to work on their English and Spanish language needs. Find out more information on their website, or contact