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NOTICE: Culpeper will be closed during Easter Recess

(Closes Fri., Apr 17 at 5:45pm, reopens Mon., Apr 22 at 8:30am)

Culpeper Week in Review: March 17-23rd

Last month, by Kamariah Al-Amin

The Culpeper Center is heating up campus with warm news and events. Recently, Culpeper has been enjoying increased success and efficiency using Asana, an online and mobile application which allows team members to manage projects and communicate more effectively. In addition to this innovative news, the Spanish Section of the MLC department has also began to […]

Culpeper Week in Review: March 10-16th

Last month, by Brittany Rogness

This past week in Culpeper we decided to track the Center usage/”traffic”. We wanted to get a better idea of when people are coming in throughout the day and evening and what they are using our Center for. We found that a majority of the students who visit Culpeper are here in the evenings with […]

Culpeper Week in Review: March 3rd-9th

Last month, by Brittany Rogness

Exciting things are happening at Culpeper! We have a brand new iMac set up in our Development Station room. Final Cut Pro is installed on our new beauty and is available for student use. We also hope to get a camera installed in our Media Viewing room so students can record themselves practicing presentations. Stay […]

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