Department of Classics

The Department of Classics introduces students to the foundations of western culture in the civilizations of Greece and Rome. The Department offers courses in the Greek and Latin languages and literatures as well as Classical Studies courses, which do not require knowledge of Latin or Greek.

Greek and Latin courses aim at equipping students to read the masterpieces of ancient literature in the original as quickly as possible. Classical Studies courses give students a broad overview of Greek and Roman literature, history and society, and of the surviving monuments of ancient art and architecture. The study of Greek helps students learn essential vocabulary and concepts in the sciences, philosophy, and theology. Greek is especially helpful for those interested in studying the Christian scriptures. Recent research has shown that study of Latin markedly improves one's knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar. A knowledge of Latin provides skills useful in many careers, including business, law, and medical careers.

Throughout the program students are introduced to theoretical explanations and the associated empirical evidence and research methods employed to establish and evaluate them. We expect that the knowledge and skills that students develop will serve them well as they consider their responsibilities to society and their role in the world.

Name Title Phone
Matthew Panciera Associate Professor and Chair 507-933-7596 web
Eric Dugdale Professor 507-933-7161 web
Seán Easton Associate Professor (On Sabbatical 2013-2014) 507-933-7396
Yurie Hong Associate Professor (On Sabbatical 2013-2014) 507-933-7160
Mary McHugh Associate Professor 507-933-7151
Joseph Groves Visiting Professor 507-933-7166
William Freiert Visiting Emeritus Professor 507-933-7639 web
Janine Genelin 507-933-7548
Stewart Flory Professor Emeritus web