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J-Term in Costa Rica 2015

2 weeks ago, by Nancy Scott Hanway

J‐TERM 2015: Learn Spanish in beautiful Costa Rica!!! No previous Spanish study required! Profesora Mayra Taylor will be leading a J-Term course to Costa Rica in 2015. Take a short-term Spanish course tailored to your level — from beginning to advanced– as you explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica. You’ll study Spanish at a […]

Extraordinary Day of the Dead celebration at Gustavus!

6 months ago, by Nancy Scott Hanway

El Día de los Muertos:  We were reminded on Friday night that the Day of the Dead is a day to remember our loved ones, to laugh, and to revel in life.  And we did just that –in an extraordinary celebration that spanned the entire day, with a chapel service and a nighttime celebration. We […]

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