Study Spanish with authentic materials and exploring relevant contemporary issues, while connecting with Spanish-speaking communities. 

Features of the program:

  • Content Based language instruction
  • Community-Based Learning and Community engagement through Language Buddies
  • Tutoring and becoming a tutor at the Culpeper Language Center
  • Semester-long study away programs through partner organizations (for more information on this go to
  • January Term faculty led programs (some recent locations include: Peru, Costa Rica, Spain)

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Current News

5th Gustavus Latinx Film Festival: Ema, a Woman on Fire

Around 2 years ago, by Ana Adams

  The film “Ema” starts with a fire. Specifically, it begins with the visage of a burning stoplight, and the screen pans out to reveal a woman holding a blowtorch. This woman, Ema, is setting fire to the streets. The film, directed by Juan de Dios Larraín, tells the story of this fire-starter, a dancer […]

Guie’Dani’s Navel : 5th Gustavus Latinx Film Festival

Around 2 years ago, by Ana Adams

The film, Guie’Dani’s Navel is a story quite different from others in its category with a strikingly intense main character. The movie is directed and written by Xavi Sala who portrays a story of a young girl rebelling her reality while yearning for more than servitude. The film uses long silences that may seem dull […]

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