Spanish Senior Portfolio

In the last semester before graduation all Spanish majors must register for SPA099 and complete the Global Language Portfolio that they will have developed throughout their program of study. Portfolios must contain sample work from your various courses and a reflective self-evaluation statement discussing your learning experience in the major. The portfolio will serve to assess your progress in the curriculum and to synthesize your total experience as a major, as well as an evidence of your linguistic and cultural competency.


The purpose of the Spanish Senior Portfolio is:

  1. to document a majors’ progress in the target language and to measure the extent to which they have met the student learning outcomes;
  2. to allow majors to self-assess their language skills, to set personal language learning objectives and establish reasonable goals; and
  3. to assist the Spanish section in determining the strengths and weaknesses of its program so that it may modify its curriculum and address any concerns.


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Avery Wallace

Avery Wallace Screen Shot Example

Taylor Logeais

Taylor Logeais Portfolio Example

Jenny Doeden

Jenny Doeden Portfolio Example


The Global Language Portfolio is an electronic document that presents information about students’ language-learning experience. The document consists of the following parts:

  • Welcome Page. Students introduce themselves and the portfolio contents.
  • Passport. Students summarize their language learning experience and describe them using the terminology of the ACTFL rating scale.
  • Language Biography. Students asses themselves their languages progress with communication in five skills areas (listening, reading, writing, spoken interaction and spoken production), set goals in language learning and cultural competence, and plan strategies to meet their individuals goals.
  • Language Dossier. Students gather samples of their speaking and writing, and document results of their language tests and other professional certifications. Students may also include a description of mayor language learning experience, such as internships, study abroad, or service learning.
  • Reflection. Students write a personal statement that include a self-assessment discussion of language strengths and weaknesses, insights into literary texts and the target culture, and reflections upon various learning experiences such as internships, study abroad, or service learning. The statement will have to be grammatically correct and will be used to judge the students’ competency in written Spanish. Students must make sure to proof-read and spell-check the statement.

It is the responsibility of the student to assemble and to maintain their Spanish Major Portfolio; students should consult annually with their Spanish advisor on the portfolio’s contents.


iWeb Spanish Portfolio Workshop

In order to prepare the electronic portfolio, students must attend a workshop that will be taught by Jeremy Robinson at the Culpeper Language Learning Center during the first weeks of each semester.


The Spanish Senior Portfolio will be read and evaluated by a committee composed of the Spanish faculty. Each will evaluate the portfolio according to the following criteria: design and operational fundamentals, overall visual appeal, content and evidence, reflection.

Due Date

It is the responsibility of Spanish majors to turn in their portfolios to their Spanish advisor no later than April 27.