Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures is committed to leading students to intercultural competence by developing a deep understanding and appreciation for language, culture, and literature.

In this way, we prepare students to work collaboratively in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. And since studying another language — its culture, arts, history, and people — is an essential part of a liberal arts education, we also help students develop their powers of intellect and imagination. The Department offers instruction in six languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Name Title Phone
Jeremy Robinson Director of the Culpeper Language Learning Center 507-933-6248
Robert Irvin Department Chair 507-933-7387 web
Toshiyuki Sakuragi Professor 507-933-7384 web
Maria Isabel Kalbermatten Associate Professor 507-933-7386 web
Ana Adams Assistant Professor 507-933-6079 web
Angelique Dwyer Assistant Professor 507-933-7419 web
Carlos Mejia Suarez Assistant Professor 507-933-7385
Severine Bates Visiting Instructor 507-933-6059
Patricia Branstad Visiting Instructor of German 507-933-7390
Shannon Cannella Visiting Instructor - Chinese Language and Literature 507-933-6080
Denis Depinoy Visiting Instructor
Jenny Tollefson Administrative Assistant 507-933-7391