Scandinavian Studies

The interdepartmental program in Scandinavian Studies is designed to acquaint students with different aspects of Nordic and Arctic culture and society. In addition to offering a three-year curriculum in Swedish, the program includes regular courses, taught in English, that deal with Nordic history, Nordic literature, Nordic cinema, and Nordic theater and drama, as well as interdisciplinary courses focusing on specific Nordic topics.

The Department of Scandinavian Studies encourages its students to study abroad in one of the Nordic countries. Nearly all student majors and most minors will spend one or two semesters at a Nordic university or college. Study abroad in the Nordic countries is also recommended for other students who have a more general interest.

Gustavus currently has exchange programs in Sweden with Uppsala University, Mora Folk High School, and Linnaeus University in Växjö. In addition, study opportunities can be arranged in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Norway for students interested in those countries.

In 2009, the College initiated a Semester in Sweden Program. Led by Gustavus faculty members, students in this program travel the length of the country and take courses in different disciplines. A listing of the courses taught regularly through this program can be found in the Interdisciplinary Studies and Non-departmental section.  The Semester in Sweden Program runs Spring semester of odd yearscandinavia, with courses taught in English and a Nordic language. Off-campus courses traveling to Scandinavia are also occasionally offered during January Interim.

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Glenn Kranking ’98 Associate Professor 507-933-7435 web
Kjerstin Moody ’98 Associate Professor 507-933-7423
Ursula Lindqvist Assistant Professor 507-933-7422 and 507-933-7422
David Jessup Instructor 507-933-6059
Jenny Tollefson Administrative Assistant 507-933-7391
Roger McKnight Professor Emeritus
Byron Nordstrom Professor Emeritus web
Roland Thorstensson Professor Emeritus