Office of the Chaplains

Religious and Spiritual Life

Welcome! The Office of the Chaplains equips students to connect faith and spirituality with learning and life so that they will be prepared to lead purposeful lives in a religiously diverse world. Rooted in the tradition and values of Lutheran higher education, we support diverse spiritual and religious practices, promote theological and vocational exploration, and foster interfaith cooperation in service to the common good on campus and in the greater community.

The Chaplains engage in conversations with the Gustavus community regarding vocation, faith questions, relationship struggles, crisis situations, and the daily joys and sorrows of life. These conversations happen in classrooms, on retreats, during and after worship, in the Marketplace, during discussions, on walks in the Arboretum, in Bible studies, during service in the St. Peter community, and in many other ways and places.

The Chaplains' Office is located on the first floor of Old Main. The chaplains are available to meet with students on a drop-in basis, during designated office hours, and by appointment.

Chaplain Siri Erickson: 
To schedule an appointment, please email her at

Chaplain Maggie Falenschek: 
To schedule an appointment during Maggie's office hours on Monday or Thursday afternoons, click here: Office Hours - Appointments
To schedule an appointment at another time, please email her at
Chaplain Grady St. Dennis: 
To schedule an appointment, please email him at

Next Event

Sabbath Challenge - Mindfulness Meditation


Meditation calms our bodies and minds and cultivates compassion for ourselves and others. Counseling Center staff lead the community in loving kindness and mindfulness meditation practices. No prior experience with meditation is required. Join the Sabbath Challenge April 8-May 6. Download the Sabbath Challenge Card or pick one up in offices around campus.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Today 1010:20 a.m. Sabbath Challenge - Mindfulness Meditation Multifaith Center in Anderson Hall
1010:20 a.m. Sabbath Challenge - Morning Praise led by Gustavus Choir: Other music from Austyn Menk and Andy DeLuca, jazz musicians Chapel
Tomorrow 1010:20 a.m. Sabbath Challenge - Heidi Oare, '20, preaching, with Open Table Holy Communion Chapel
1010:20 a.m. Sabbath Challenge - Yoga Multifaith Center in Anderson Hall
Apr 26 1010:20 a.m. Sabbath Challenge - Musical Showcase: Gospel Choir with Donnie Williams Chapel