Office of the Chaplains

Religious Practice, Spiritual Wellbeing, and Interfaith Learning

An important part of your college experience is tending to your holistic wellbeing: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional. Though we specialize in the spiritual, our team in the Office of the Chaplains is here to support you as a whole person.

Spiritual Wellbeing Includes: 
  • developing and sustaining a connection to something larger than yourself (might be a deity/God or religious leader, sacred texts, ethical values, the natural world, community, etc.)
  • making meaning and finding a sense of purpose in your life
  • engaging in practices that help you be fully present to your authentic self and to others

We can help...


  • with peers who share your spiritual or religious identity
  • with peers from different spiritual and religious backgrounds
  • with other resources on campus for various facets of wellbeing


  • your wellbeing through individual appointments with a chaplain
  • your spiritual exploration and specific religious practices and holidays
  • your use of the Multifaith Center, Christ Chapel, and other gathering spaces on campus


  • learn how to discover and reflect on your sense of meaning and purpose
  • learn interfaith leadership skills to build bridges between people who hold diverse identities (religious, spiritual, racial, cultural, etc)
  • learn practices and habits to enhance your spiritual wellbeing


Next Event

Daily Sabbath: Prayer Around the Cross

November 29

Gather to pause for reflection, music, lighting candles, and prayer.

Masks are required.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Nov 29 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Prayer Around the Cross Chapel
1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Rosary Prayer Multifaith Center
Nov 30 1011:30 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Open Vigil Chapel
Dec 1 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Morning Praise Chapel
Dec 2 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Holy Communion Chapel