Office of the Chaplains

Religious Practice, Spiritual Wellbeing, and Interfaith Learning

An important part of your college experience is tending to your holistic wellbeing: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional. Though we specialize in the spiritual, our team in the Office of the Chaplains is here to support you as a whole person.

Spiritual Wellbeing Includes: 
  • developing and sustaining a connection to something larger than yourself
    • For those coming from a Christian tradition, this includes developing or sustaining a relationship to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
    • For others this could mean developing a connection to another deity(s) or religious leader, sacred texts, ethical values, the natural world, community, etc.
  • making meaning and finding a sense of purpose in your life
  • engaging in practices that help you be fully present to your authentic self and to others

We can help...


  • with peers who share your spiritual or religious identity
  • with peers from different spiritual and religious backgrounds
  • with other resources on campus for various facets of wellbeing


  • your wellbeing through individual appointments with a chaplain
  • your spiritual exploration and specific religious practices and holidays
  • your use of the Multifaith Center, Christ Chapel, and other gathering spaces on campus


  • learn how to discover and reflect on your sense of meaning and purpose
  • learn interfaith leadership skills to build bridges between people who hold diverse identities (religious, spiritual, racial, cultural, etc)
  • learn practices and habits to enhance your spiritual wellbeing


Next Event

Daily Sabbath: Holy Communion


A brief service of song, readings, and Holy Communion.  Christ Chapel practices open communion, which means that no matter where you are in your journey with God, you are welcome to receive the bread and wine as signs of God's abundant grace and forgiveness. Daily Sabbath is a time to pause from our regular work and tend to our spiritual wellbeing. 

Upcoming events
Date Event
Tomorrow 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Holy Communion Chapel
1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: mindfulness mediation Multifaith Center
Feb 10 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: musical showcase Chapel
1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: Rosary Prayer Multifaith Center
Feb 13 1010:20 a.m. Daily Sabbath: prayer around the cross Chapel