IslamMuslim Life at Gustavus

Ramadan Mubarak!

The Muslim Student Association and the Office of the Chaplains are invested in helping Muslim students experience a blessed Ramadan. For more information on virtual gatherings, please contact MSA co-presidents Hanaa Alhosawi ( or Aimen Zara ( Dining Services has dates and other special foods available. The beautiful Bonnier Multifaith Center has prayer rugs and washing stations for individual prayer. 

Tasbih beads and counters are available in the Office of the Chaplains in Old Main.

Virtual resources

  • Howard University MSA is hosting regular Jummah services. Click here to view. 
  • Muslim American Society hosts daily focus' that includes reflections, Quran recitation and dua. Click here to view.
  • The Yaqeen Institute offers Faith in the time of Coronavirus

On-campus resources during ordinary times


Located in Anderson Hall, the beautiful Bonnier Multifaith Center is designed for Muslim prayer as well as activities from diverse traditions. Accommodations include wheelchair-accessible washing stations, prayer rugs and hijabs, a folding screen, and ceiling lights that indicate the direction of Mecca. When the Multifaith Center is in use by a group, students are welcome to borrow prayer rugs and hijabs to pray in a nearby room.

Juma'ah (Friday) prayers are held at the St. Peter Islamic Center located at 622 Sunrise Drive. Go to for prayer times. Several other mosques and Islamic centers are located in Mankato, 10-12 miles away.

Ramadan observance in ordinary times

During Ramadanin ordinary times, the Bonnier Multifaith Center is reserved every afternoon and evening for Muslim prayer. Dining Services works with Muslim students and the Chaplains' office to provide delicacies like samosas/sambusas and to have special foods available in the Marketplace. A campus-wide iftar provides an opportunity for Muslims to share their traditions with non-Muslim students, faculty, and staff. Faculty are alerted to the holiday so that Muslim students can schedule exams earlier in the day if they desire. Gustavus partners with the St. Peter Islamic Center to ensure that Muslim students can attend prayers and iftar each night during Ramadan. 

Halal Meat

Dining services serves halal meat several times per week, including Fridays. 

Muslim Students Association

Gustavus has an active chapter of the Muslim Students Association, whose goal is to support Muslim students and educate the campus community about Islam and the experiences of Muslims. All are welcome to join. The MSA sponsors educational and social events for Muslim students and the campus as a whole. 

Other campus resources

Muslim students are invited to participate in the Multifaith Leadership Council, a student group linked to the Office of the Chaplains, and to become Interfaith Leaders, leading workshops on interfaith engagement as part of our Interfaith Ambassador program. For more information, please contact Dr. Marian Broida.

In addition, Muslim and other interested students are invited to work with Dr. Marian Broida, Interfaith Program Coordinator in the Office of the Chaplains, and with Abbey Lane , who coordinates the Crossroads Program to plan educational activities, interfaith discussions, or other programming. Dr. Broida is available to help non-Christian students observe their religious traditions.