Daily Sabbath

Daily Sabbath is a good and beautiful gift; it is a time to pause from our regular work and tend to our spiritual and relational wellbeing.



Daily Sabbath is an opportunity to gather, pause, pray, sing, and listen to reflections on faith and learning from diverse members of the campus community. With daily events and worship services in both Christ Chapel and the Bonnier Multifaith Center, Daily Sabbath has something to offer everyone.

That we have time set aside each morning to pause from our regular work and tend to our spiritual and relational wellbeing is a gift that stems directly from the traditions and values of Lutheran higher education. For much of the College’s history, Lutherans made up the overwhelming majority of the student body, and thus a Chapel program focused on offering daily, short Christian worship services made good sense. Four years ago, in order to meet the needs of our religiously diverse student body, we embarked on a new vision for the program that included a name change from Daily Chapel to Daily Sabbath. Sabbath is a concept with rich and varied meanings in both the Jewish and Christian traditions.

Today at Gustavus, we extend and broaden the good and beautiful gift of this sabbath time in a way that includes people from all backgrounds. With the opening of the new Bonnier Multifaith Center in Anderson Hall, we are excited to be able to offer Daily Sabbath practices in two locations.

Daily Sabbath takes place from 10:00 AM to 10:20 AM Monday through Friday. 

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Spring 2018 Weekly Schedule 


Prayer Around the Cross - Christ Chapel
Prayer connects us to God and to each other. On Mondays we gather to pray in the Christian tradition and to light candles around the cross.
Resiliency Practices - Bonnier Multifaith Center
We can learn to be well and to bounce forward after challenges and disappointments. On Mondays, Professor Michele Rusinko will lead the community in practices that build resilience.


Guest Speaker - Christ Chapel

On Tuesdays, we gather as a community to learn from a variety of speakers.

Artistic Inclusion: Mind, Body, and Heart - Bonnier Multifaith Center

Join the Diversity Center and friends in our celebration of education and life. On Tuesdays, the Bonnier Multifaith Center is open to all as we showcase students sharing their gifts with a touch of fun, of course!


Morning Praise - Christ Chapel
On Wednesdays, we join together to sing the Morning Praise liturgy, which comes from the Roman Catholic tradition and is beloved by many Gusties.
Mindfullness Meditation - Bonnier Multifaith Center
Meditation calms our bodies and minds and cultivates compassion for ourselves and others. On Wednesdays, members of the Counselling Center staff will lead the community in loving kindness and mindfulness meditation practices. No prior experience with meditation is required to participate.


Student Speaker - Christ Chapel
On Thursdays, we gather to hear from student speakers about how they are connecting their most deeply held convictions with what they are learning inside and outside the classroom.
Sabbath Yoga - Bonnier Multifaith Center
Yoga cultivates mindfulness through movement and breath. On Thursdays, Kelly Karstad will lead the community in a gentle yoga practice. Come as you are, no need to change. Mats provided.


Musical Showcase - Christ Chapel
Martin Luther once said, “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise.” On Fridays, we gather for inspiration as we celebrate the many talented musicians at Gustavus.
20 Minutes with MSA - Bonnier Multifaith Center
Members of Gustavus’ growing Muslim community are invited to gather on Friday mornings for a variety of Muslim religious practices.