Chapel Reservations

Christ Chapel is an active place! During the school year, regular worship, ensemble rehearsals and special events fill the Chapel calendar. These are punctuated by weddings, baptisms, and contracted special events such as synod assemblies, all of which also continue to fill the summer Chapel calendar. If you are interested in reserving the Chapel for an event, you may find the policies and procedures for doing so on this page. To actually reserve the Chapel, please contact Assistant to the Chaplains Sara Masters at

On-campus Groups

Events in Christ Chapel are subject to the approval of the Chaplain's Office staff. You may reserve Christ Chapel by calling Sara Masters at x7001. There is no fee for on-campus groups. When you call you will be asked the following:

  • The date, starting, and ending time of your event
  • The sponsoring group and contact information for your event
  • A description of the event
  • Whether you will need media services, and if so, details regarding that
  • Whether you will require the Sexton's services
  • Additional information or requests

It is important that you and your group:

  • Respect the sacredness of the Chapel by projecting attitudes of decorum and regard for the feelings of all who care for the Chapel
  • Notify the Chaplains' Office immediately if your event is cancelled
  • Clear any schedule changes in advance with the Chaplains' Office
  • Stay within the time constraints of your reservation, including set up and clean up time
  • Restore things to their proper places following your use of the Chapel
  • Adhere to all college policies while using the Chapel



In order to be married in Christ Chapel, one person in the couple must be a current student, alumnus, faculty or staff member, or the child of a faculty or staff member.

Reservation Policy

The soonest you may reserve the Chapel is on the first business day of the month one year before the wedding.

In order that everyone who wants to get married in Christ Chapel has a fair chance to reserve the space, there is a wedding reservation procedure that is followed on the first business day of each month. Couples may e-mail their first, second, and third choices for wedding dates in that month the following year. Dates are reserved first-come, first-served. (It is a good idea to call ahead to find out what the available dates are, since College events are given priority in the Chapel). A confirmation e-mail will be sent out the first week of the month.

If your wedding date is less than a year away, you may call Sara to check on open dates and reserve immediately.

Wedding Procedures

Christ Chapel is a sacred sanctuary, and we ask that you respect its special significance for those who worship within it. Please project an attitude of decorum and regard for the feelings of all who care for the Chapel. As you make your plans, take into consideration that alcoholic beverages (including champagne), tobacco in any form, and pets are prohibited in the Chapel and the Chapel basement. Please comply with these restrictions.

The Assistant to the Chaplains: Sara Masters is in the office Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will be happy to answer questions about Christ Chapel. Please send her an e-mail at

Time Limits, Changes and Cancellations: Time limits of one hour for rehearsals and four hours for weddings are allowed in Christ Chapel. This is the total time a wedding party may be in the Chapel, including time for dressing and taking pictures. Frequent tight scheduling makes it imperative that weddings begin on time and do not extend beyond the reserved period.

If your plans are changed or cancelled for any reason, please inform the Chaplain's Office immediately in consideration of others who request the facilities. Do not change times reserved for your rehearsal or wedding without prior approval from the Chaplains' Office. We will gladly make any changes you request if the time is available. Due to other reservations surrounding your times, changes will not always be possible.

College Priority

Since Christ Chapel is a college chapel, Gustavus Adolphus College reserves the right to the use of the Chapel for its own functions and has priority over all off-campus events occurring there. Every effort will be made to resolve any conflicts that arise.

Pastoral Services

Arrangements for pastoral services may be made directly with Chaplain Brian Konkol, Chaplain Siri Erickson, and Chaplain Grady St. Dennis. Their standard fee is listed on the Fee Schedule. You may, of course, prefer to have your own pastor officiate at your wedding. The honorarium traditionally is presented to the minister by the best man at the rehearsal or immediately preceding the wedding ceremony.


Arrangements for an organist may be made with the cantor, Dr. Chad Winterfeldt, who is on the faculty of the Department of Music at Gustavus. Fees are listed on the Fee Schedule. An organist of your choice may be engaged and will state their own fees. If you do secure the services of a visiting organist, they must contact the Chaplains' Office to schedule practice time in the Chapel. It is suggested that practice time be planned at least two weeks before the wedding date. Whether you choose one of the Chapel organists or another organist, you should present the fee at the rehearsal or immediately preceding the wedding ceremony. You are responsible for coordinating your own organist.

Wedding Host

A wedding host will be scheduled to be present during your rehearsal and wedding. You may confer with the wedding host about additional needs you have for your ceremony at those times. The Chapel rental fee covers the services of our wedding host.


The Chaplains' Office provides a sound system operator who will set up microphones for the wedding and monitor the sound system during the ceremony. Because the operator will not be at the rehearsal, please be certain to notify us in advance, on your Chapel Reservation Form, if you are requesting extra microphones. If you do not notify us in advance, we cannot guarantee that the extra microphones will be available. The Chaplains' Office does not provide video-recording services. Video recording is not recommended in the Chapel because of difficult lighting conditions. There are no microphones available during the wedding rehearsal.

Other Services

Florists, photographers and bridal consultants are arranged by the couple. You should inform them all (but particularly your photographer) of the four-hour total time limit for a wedding, which includes time needed for dressing and taking pictures.

Personal Items

Please make arrangements to have someone collect and remove personal items from the dressing areas after the ceremony, so nothing is forgotten in the joy following the wedding. The Chapel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Also, any items used for decoration which do not belong to Christ Chapel must be removed immediately following the ceremony. It is suggested that you assign one or two special friends to oversee this task.


  • No moving the altar table
  • No plants, flowers, or candles on the altar table. It is for communion vessels only.
  • No flower petals may be thrown inside the Chapel, or near the Chapel doors outside. They stain the floor and are a slipping hazard for guests.
  • Balloons and rice are prohibited inside or outside the Chapel. If you are using birdseed, please do not throw it in the immediate vicinity of the Chapel.
  • Flowers or bows may be placed at the ends of pews only if they are attached with non-marring materials.
  • Candles may only be placed on the chancel due to fire regulations.
  • Aisle runners are discouraged because of the ceramic tile on the Chapel floor. If you choose to use the runner, please note that it will likely bunch up during the procession and cause a tripping hazard.
  • Alcoholic beverages (including champagne), tobacco in any form, and pets are prohibited in the Chapel and the Chapel basement.

Fee Schedule

The Chapel Rental and Chapel Supply fees must be paid to the Chaplains' Office no later than six months prior to the wedding. This is non-refundable.

$800.00 for rental of Christ Chapel. This fee includes:

  • The wedding host services
  • Sound system operator (They will arrive one hour before the wedding for sound checks)
  • Microphones at pulpit, lecturn, and for officiants

Chapel Supplies with fees attached:

  • $20.00 each: Microphones other than the three standard, up to two extra
  • $20.00 per hour: Additional time for the sound system operator, contracted in advance

You may invite your own clergy and musicians to serve at your wedding. If you would like to invite Gustavus Chaplains or Organists, you must contact them on your own. Their standard fees are listed below. The minister and organist are presented their fees at the rehearsal or immediately before the wedding.

College Chaplains Brian Konkol, Siri Erickson, and Grady St. Dennis

  • $350.00

Organist, Chad Winterfeldt

  • Wedding: $300.00
  • Rehearsal: $25.00
  • Additional rehearsal (with soloists at $25.00 per session)

Items Available in the Chapel

Forms will be e-mailed to you with your confirmation. On these forms you may indicate the following items to be in your ceremony:

  • Piano, balcony or chancel area. Pianos may not be moved without prior permission.
  • Unity Candle Holder. Holds 3" diameter Unity Candle and two 3/4" diameter tapers, to be supplied by the couple.
  • Small table (26-1/4"x34-1/4") to hold wedding gifts or guest book. White tablecloth to be supplied by the couple.
  • A semi-private dressing room with full-length mirrors is available on the lower level of Christ Chapel for the bride and her attendants. The room adjacent to the sacristy is available for the groom and his attendants. Restrooms are also on the lower level.

Questions and Suggestions

The following are things the couple should be thinking about and have answers for before the rehearsal. Our Sexton will be able to help you with any problems you might have, but it is helpful for you to know ahead of time what she will be asking.

  1. What time are your pictures scheduled to begin? It is necessary that the entire wedding party, including the bride and her attendants, allow enough time to get ready before the scheduled time for pictures. The pictures should definitely be completed at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  2. We do not encourage the use of an aisle runner. Because the floor of the sanctuary is tile, the runner easily bunches up and the risk of tripping is great. The tape that florists suggest is very hard on the floor, and you are then required to have someone responsible for scraping the tape up before the end of your reservation.
  3. The altar table is not moveable. Please keep this in mind when planning the configuration of your wedding party, flowers, and candelabras on the chancel area. The altar table is meant for communion vessels only; NO flowers or candles can be placed on the altar table.
  4. Flower petals cannot be thrown on the chapel floor, even if there is a runner. These petals stain the chapel floor and pose a danger for people as they leave the ceremony.
  5. Set a definite time for your ushers to start seating guests. They should approach your guests and ask if they may seat them. Another option is to have a hostess or host invite the guests to be seated. Wedding guests have a tendency to visit with each other at the back of the church, which could delay the start of your wedding. Make sure ushers have a set time to begin seating grandparents, mother and father of the groom and mother of the bride. This will ensure that the ceremony begins on time and gives everyone a deadline toward which to work.
  6. When the ceremony is over, please have a designated person collect all your things. You may want to assign an usher or personal attendant to check the chancel, pews, and the entry on the main floor, as well as the rest rooms, hallway, and dressing rooms on the lower level for items belonging to you or the wedding party. Make sure this person also knows what is to be done with items belonging to the florist. When everyone has left, the only things left in the Chapel should be what belongs to the Chapel.
  7. Please be certain to tell everyone in your wedding party and families about our restrictions prohibiting all types of alcoholic beverages (this does include champagne), all types of tobacco, and pets in the Chapel and Chapel basement.