Sunday Worship CommunityWorship in Christ Chapel with Holy Communion - 6:30 pm

sunday worship

A home away from home, the Sunday Worship Community is a group where you can feel welcome whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you are. 

Rooted in Jesus Christ, we interpret liturgy (an ancient order of worship) in new ways and find the divine in a wide variety of music. Communion happens every Sunday and there are no exceptions to who is invited at the table. We're big on community and believe that worship happens best when we know each other. Visitors, doubters, believers, questioners-- there is room for all of us.

Worship includes time for reflection and connection through small groups or interactive "restoration stations"

This service takes place during the academic year on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm and lasts for one hour. 

Welcome Litany

Welcome to long-time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people new to the faith. Welcome to all who have never had a church home, want to follow Christ, have doubts, or do not believe. Welcome to new visitors and old friends. Welcome to people of every age and size, color and culture, every sexual orientation and gender identity, socio-economic status, ability and challenge. Welcome to believers and questioners, and to questioning believers. We come from different traditions and backgrounds and this is a place where we embrace all ways of worship.This is a place where we are welcome to celebrate and sorrow, rejoice and recover. This is a place where lives are made new.

Let everyone who has ever felt cast aside, hurt, or lonely say, “I am welcome here.”

Let everyone who has experienced joy and beauty say, “I am welcome here.”

Let everyone who desires to find the goodness of God say, “I am welcome here.”

Come just as you are. Jesus promises to meet us here. 

The Bothersome Preachers Club

BPC is a group of students dedicated to making worship meaningful and accessible to our student congregation. We find inspiration from a wide variety of genres, explore music in new ways, and are open to re-interpreting classics. 

Preaching Internship Program

For Gustavus students wanting to explore and learn more about the craft of preaching, each semester the Chaplains' Office offers a Preaching Internship program. For more information and to apply, click here