Christ Chapel Worshiping Community

Sunday Morning Worship with Holy Communion


In response to the grace of God made known in Jesus, the Christ Chapel Sunday Worship Community is a student-led assembly, organized by the Office of the Chaplains, which celebrates Swedish-Lutheran heritage, participates in the mission of God, and is open to all.

A home away from home, the Sunday Morning Christ Chapel Worshiping Community is a group where you can feel welcome whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you are. Every Sunday while school is in session, we gather to pray, sing, explore sacred texts, and be a community. This is a service of Holy Communion, in which all are invited to participate. We invite you to come experience God’s abundant love in this beautiful space that is Christ Chapel.

This service takes place on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am and lasts for one hour. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Statement of Invitation

  1. We are not perfect; God loves us and makes us holy in our imperfections. We try to love ourselves and others as God loves us - unconditionally.
  2. When we mess up, we practice confession by asking for forgiveness and offering compassion.
  3. We care about the world God loves; that means we value science and other academic disciplines, we partner with people of other religious and philosophical traditions to build a more just and equitable society, and we give preferential treatment, as Jesus did, to the most hated and the most oppressed people in our communities.
  4. We bring our whole selves - our complex identities and life experiences, our longings and imaginations - as we wrestle with scripture and try to figure out what it means for our lives today.
  5. We love questions, and we bring curious minds as we learn and grow together in the way of Jesus.

Preaching Internship Program

For Gustavus students exploring a call to ordained ministry, each semester the Chaplains' Office offers a Preaching Internship program. For more information, please see the Preaching Internship position description

Megan EideMeet Preaching Intern Megan Eide '19 Hello! My name is Megan Eide, and I am a junior Religion and Communication Studies double major and Film and Media minor from Bloomington, Minnesota. The Preaching Internship with the Office of the Chaplains at Gustavus Adolphus College will be the perfect opportunity for me to explore my call to ministry, foster my passions for faith and church service, and cultivate vital skills and strategies for preaching the gospel. I am excited to utilize the knowledge and skills I have gained from my leadership, education, and service experiences at Mt.Olivet Lutheran Church and Gustavus in order to best serve Gustavus’ Sunday Worshiping Community.

lucioMeet Preaching Intern Lucio Gonzalez '20 Hi! My name is Lucio Gonzalez, and I'm from Inglewood in southern California. I'm currently a sophomore with a major in Political Science, hoping to pursue a minor in Philosophy. The Preaching Internship that Gustavus offers will be a great learning experience that emphasizes the desire to learn, growing one's faith, and developing different public speaking styles and skills. I hope to utilize these skills when I graduate from Gustavus to get involved in different types of political activist and interest groups and further down the line, a possible career in politics. It is also a privilege to work with members of the Office of the Chaplains and to learn from them in expanding my knowledge and understanding theological texts and growing my faith in religion. I am looking forward to the ongoing learning experience this internship will provide, being able to deliver sermons from the community, and getting to be a contributing member of the Sunday Worshipping Community here at Gustavus!

Your Talents Are Welcome

Gustavus students lead many aspects of Sunday worship, including serving as assisting ministers, writing prayers, singing, leading and playing music, serving communion, dancing, and ushering. If you would like to get involved with worship leading in any of these ways, please contact Cantor Chad Winterfeldt via email at or Rachel Larson at

Sunday Brunches

​The Office of the Chaplains hosts monthly brunch for students to come together around worship and a meal as a united Christian community at Gustavus. Worship begins in Christ Chapel at 10:30 am. Following worship, we'll gather for a catered brunch starting around 11:30 am in the Heritage Room in the campus center. Brunches for the spring semester of 2018 will take place on the following dates: April 15, May 20.