Faith and ScienceThe Chaplains' Office is committed to creating spaces for the Gustavus community to explore the relationships between science and religion. We encourage students to engage in conversations about these ways of knowing through a variety of programs.

faith and science

The Catalyst Project: Stories at the Intersection of Faith and Science

The Catalyst Project uses storytelling as a medium through which students can both explore their own approaches to integrating science and faith and learn from and be inspired by their peers who are also wrestling with large and complex theological and vocational questions. This project provides Gustavus students with opportunities to think deeply about their faith and their passion for science in the context of vocation. To learn more and to read student stories, visit The Catalyst Project website.



academyGustavus Academy for Faith, Science, and Ethics

The Gustavus Academy for Faith, Science, and Ethics provides outstanding high school students with opportunities to explore their beliefs and to discover how scientists and people of faith are working together to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. This weeklong summer academy takes place on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College. High school students who are interested in becoming Academy Fellows or Gustavus students who are interested in becoming Academy Mentors should visit the Academy website to learn more.