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Gustavus science majors reflect on faith, science, and vocation.

Leah Johnson ’18, Biology

Growing up, Leah Johnson had a wide variety of interests. However, she didn’t find her true scientific interest until taking biology and chemistry in high school. “I realized how much I enjoyed learning about how living systems function,” she reflected. From there, science classes at Gustavus “helped me to solidify and narrow down my scientific […]

Alex Jeon ‘19, Biology

Alex first became interested in science when he was around six years of age and living in South Korea. Alex’s parents had a collection of biological, organismal, and animal documentaries, the “Nature” equivalent of Korea, and Alex would watch these films over and over again. Fascinated with the processes of life they described, he was […]

Charlie Barnhouse ‘19, Biology and Music

Charlie Barnhouse has always been a curious person. His interest in science has grown out of his naturally curious personality. Finding ways of explaining how things work fascinates him, and he believes that this has been influential in his personal growth. He referenced the mechanisms behind life, in that we know that it works, but […]

Alex Shaikoski ‘17, Biology

Alex Shaikoski says that science has always been part of his household. His mom is a high school biology teacher, and Alex says that his family asks questions related to science around the dinner table and values the scientific process. Because of this, he believes that science is “part of who I am”. Alex has […]

Alyssa Welle ‘19, Biochemistry

From a very young age, Alyssa Welle was a self-proclaimed math and science fanatic, constantly wanting to dig deeper into a world of possibility. She recalls sitting in the bathtub, pondering the existence and meaning of negative numbers. As she continued her education,  she found that it was her AP Biology class in tenth grade […]

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