2022-2023 Merit-Based Scholarships

For incoming first-year students

All scholarships are renewable for four years if applicable requirements are met.

Students may apply for talent-based scholarships after applying for admission to Gustavus. The application for admission is now open.

Automatic Consideration:

All U.S. and Permanent Resident applicants who have been admitted to Gustavus will be automatically considered for the following renewable merit-based scholarships:

Gold Scholarship
 This annual award (starting at $15,000) is in recognition of your past achievements and in anticipation of your future success at Gustavus.
Dean's Scholarship
Awards ranging from $30,000-$32,500 annually ($120,000-$130,000 over four years) recognize students who show significant academic achievement, service, or leadership in their high schools, churches, and communities.
President's Scholarship
Awards of up to $35,000 annually represent the College's financial commitment to academic excellence, one of our five core values. Past recipients ranked near the top of their graduating class, enrolled in academically challenging high school courses, and typically earned a composite score of 30 or higher on the ACT or 1400 on the SAT.
**NOTE FOR 2022 APPLICANTS: In order to be considered for the Presidential Scholarship, submission of ACT or SAT test scores is recommended but not required.

The Dean's and President's Scholarships are the only scholarships that are exclusive to each other. A student may receive either the Dean's or President's Scholarship, not both. All other scholarships (Gustavus or outside aid) may be stacked on top of a Dean's or President's Scholarship.

National Merit College-Sponsored Scholarship
Winners in the National Merit Scholarship competition who designate Gustavus as their first-choice college will receive a renewable scholarship of $7,500. Additionally, finalists can receive a President's or Dean's Scholarship for a maximum potential merit-based award of $42,500 (or $170,000 over four years) and ten National Merit finalists will receive a Full Tuition Scholarship. Any other Gustavus scholarships earned will be honorary (awarded in name but not financially). Students may also receive need-based aid if eligible.
Gustavus Legacy Award
Gustavus Legacy Awards of $2,500 annually ($10,000 over four years) are given to students whose siblings are current Gustavus students or graduates, or whose parents or grandparents are Gustavus alumni. Students who receive the Gustavus Legacy Award cannot also receive the Alumni Referral Scholarship.
Diversity Scholarship
Paul L. Rucker Scholarships, awarding up to $2,500 annually ($10,000 over four years), are granted to students who bring diversity to campus. Ethnicity is one of several factors considered but is not an exclusive condition of eligibility.
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Members of Phi Theta Kappa enrolling from a community college may be considered for scholarships of $2,500 annually. A minimum of 42 quarter credits or 28 semester hours and an earned college grade point average of 3.5 are required. Transcripts must be recieved by May 1stThis award is renewable with a 3.25 Gustavus cumulative grade point average.

Scholarships Requiring Application


November 8, 2022 for Early Action Applicants. All supporting material must be included with submission by this deadline.

February 8, 2023 for Rolling Admission Applicants. All supporting material must be included with submission by this deadline.


International Applicants

International applicants should refer to the International Admission page for the Count Folke Bernadotte International Student Scholarship and contact the Admission Office for more details admission@gustavus.edu.

The information in this site is for incoming (new) and prospective Gustavus students. If you are a returning student, please refer to the Financial Aid website for more information.