Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarship

$500-$6,000 annually ($2,000-$24,000 over four years)

Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarships are awarded to candidates who have demonstrated talent and commitment to pursuing theatre and/or dance at Gustavus. Students do not need to major within the department to qualify for or maintain the scholarship.

Applicants will receive communication from the Theatre & Dance Scholarship Coordinator, Jesse Hershberger (jhershberger@gustavus.edu), after they are admitted to Gustavus. The Application for Admission opened on August 1, 2020.
To Apply:

February 1, 2021 marked the deadline for 2021-2022 Evelyn Anderson Theatre and Dance Scholarship applications. Please reach out to Theatre and Dance Scholarship Coordinator Jesse Herschberger (jhershberger@gustavus.edu) with any questions. 

To Maintain:

Renewal of the scholarship requires involvement in the department through coursework and/or productions or ensembles.