The Gustavus Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Gustavus Adolphus College guarantees that first-time, first-year students who are pursuing nearly every undergraduate major offered by the College (see the few exceptions below) will graduate in four years or will be eligible to enroll in the additional coursework needed to complete degree requirements at no additional tuition cost for one semester. This Four-Year Graduate Guarantee highlights the strength of our faculty-led advising program and our commitment to holding down the cost of higher education.

Gustie graduate shaking hands at commencement.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Gustavus Four-Year Graduation Guarantee, a student must meet these eligibility requirements.

  • Enter Gustavus as a first-time, first-year, full-time student in the Fall term.
  • Maintain continuous full-time enrollment at Gustavus or a Gustavus-sponsored study away program for eight consecutive Fall-Spring semesters.
  • Successfully complete an average of 16 semester credit hours each semester in courses that make progress toward a single major, graduation credit requirements, and/or general education requirements.
  • Maintain good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above.
  • Declare a major by the end of the sophomore year.

Note: The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee applies only to meeting the degree requirements for a single major, graduation credit requirements, and general education requirements.A student may change their major and still be eligible if, at the time a change is made, the student can still meet the requirements of the new major within the 128 semester credit requirement.

If these eligibility requirements have been met and a student has not completed the degree requirements to graduate after eight consecutive semesters of study at Gustavus, a student must:

  • Apply for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee with the Provost’s Office by May 15 of the 8th semester.
  • Complete the tuition-free courses during one academic term that is within one year of the student's original 4-year planned graduation date (i.e. summer term, 9th or 10th semester).
  • The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee requires that students live on-campus and enroll in courses in-person. Exemptions may be requested through the Provost Office, but are not guaranteed.


  • Public Accounting and Education majors are not eligible for the Gustavus Four-Year Graduation Guarantee due to external licensure requirements.
  • Students who, because of a change of major are required to complete more than 128 semester credits, or those students enrolled in accredited majors (e.g. education or public accounting) who must take more than 128 semester credits or enroll in courses over nine semesters to meet certification requirements.
  • The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee does not extend to fulfillment of a second major, minor, or pre-professional program requirements.