Incoming/New Student Housing

*Find the Gustavus Residential Life Housing Policies here

First-Year Housing

Welcome to Gustavus! We are excited that you will be joining us. This page is intended to provide the basic information about the housing selection process. Note that we use deposit date as a starting point for priority, not when you submit your housing preferences. It's important to have your deposit paid in order to be able to participate in the selection process. More information will be available in June - with lots of detailed information during Gustie Gear Up!

The housing request process will be online through our Housing portal, available to first-year students to log into after their email/user account is set up. Via this housing portal, you can submit your housing contract, personal information and preferences, as well as roommate contacts and matching.

Some steps/information for the first-year student housing process:

  1. Make sure your deposit is paid - you will not be able to complete the room selection until that occurs, and your priority/ranking is based on deposit date.
  2. Activate your Gustavus User Account (email access).
  3. Fill out your housing contract (via the housing portal, links coming soon).
  4. YOU should fill out the form - don't let parents, siblings or friends do it for you! You know yourself better than anyone!
  5. Recognize that life changes when you go to college. You might think you'll go to bed by midnight or that you'll keep your room clean, but all that can change when you move in and are actually in college. So answer the way you think you'll be, but keep in mind that can change - and you'll set ground-rules and healthy boundaries with your roommate right away when you arrive!
  6. Keep an open mind. We have three outstanding places for first-years to live - Sohre, Pittman and Norelius. All have distinct features that make them nice places to live, but it's the PEOPLE you meet and friends you make in those halls that make the experience what it is. We try our best to give you your top choice... but your second or third choice will be just as great!
  7. Housing is assigned based on deposit date and availability (not by when you submit your housing form - as long as it's in before the deadline). You'll receive notification about your housing information via the online housing portal using your own login credentials. (Links and more information coming soon!).

If you have any questions, contact Residential Life at or 507-933-7529.

Transfer/Exchange Student Housing

Please follow all steps listed above. First-year mid-year transfers tend to live in Pittman, Norelius and Sohre. Sophomores tend to live in North/Gibbs/Sorensen, Uhler, Sohre and Rundstrom. Juniors tend to live in Uhler, Rundstrom, College View and Arbor View.


Check out A View from the Hill for tons of great information on our housing program!

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