Break Housing and January Term Information

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  • January Term
  • Break Housing - Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break
  • Moving out/Bed Loft Returns
  • Note: Information/timeline below is according to the currently posted College calendar. If any changes are made, processes and information on this page will be updated accordingly.

Break Housing 

  1. Thanksgiving/remote instruction/final exam period housing
  2. Winter Break: Residential Housing is closed from 9:00 AM on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 until noon on Sunday, January 3, 2021.
  3. Spring Break/Easter Recess
    • Note for Spring 2021 - Spring Break is cancelled, Easter Recess is April 2-4 and halls will be open.

Application Process

  • Those needing to stay in any campus housing over any portion of a College break when Residential Housing (Halls, Apartments, Townhomes, Houses) is closed must submit an application before the posted deadline and receive approval from the Department of Residential Life. 
    • Requests submitted after the posted deadline for each break may incur a $25 fine.
    • Those in violation of the Break Housing approval process will be charged $150/night housing fee.
  • After the application deadline, applicants will receive an approval email and detailed instructions about break housing.
    • Students may need to make their own arrangements for dining services, as that office may be closed or have limited hours over any posted College break. You can check the Dining Service web page for posted break hours.
    • Please check a building or department's posted hours in advance of any break to be fully informed of what campus resources are and are not available during a break; many offices and buildings may be closed. Campus Safety can always be reached at 507-933-8888 for any emergency or safety issue. The College calendar often has updated building hours and campus information. 
  • Students are only approved to stay on the dates specified in their request, and only students with advanced approval can remain in housing (no guests are permitted; roommates are NOT PERMITTED to move in unless they have submitted their own request and been approved). All College policies remain in effect. Note that break housing information will be shared with the Dean of Students office, Campus Safety, Physical Plant, and Building Services.

Thanksgiving/remote instruction/final exam period

  • Students were asked to notify Residential Life of their plans for the Thanksgiving/remote instruction/final examp period (November 23 - December 15). Students had the choice to either leave campus by November 23 and remain off-campus during the remote instruction/final exam period, OR remain on campus during the dates of Thanksgiving Break and the remote instruction/final exam period and leave campus by the close for Winter Break - Wednesday, December 16 at 9am.

Christmas Recess/Winter Break: 

  • Halls/Residences close at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 and re-open at noon on Sunday, Jan 3, 2021. Your hall access will not work during this time, unless you have applied and are approved for break housing.
  • Students are eligible to request beak-housing approval if they:
    • reside further than 350 miles and are unable to travel home.
    • are required to remain on campus for practice/games/rehearsals/concerts.
    • are required to work for a College department (must list supervisor name and department which will be confirmed prior to any approval).
    • seek special accommodation for extreme extenuating circumstances (such requests will be reviewed via the online request form by the Director of Residential Life).
  • Winter Break Housing Application has closed, winter break is now in progress. 

January Housing

January Term begins on January 4, 2021. Only those registered for January term courses automatically receive approval to remain in campus housing during January, per the College’s January Term Housing Policy.

Under the following exceptions, Residential Life may approve other students to reside on campus:

  • Participation in on-campus research under the supervision of a faculty/staff member;
  • Participation in theatre/dance/music rehearsals under the supervision of faculty/staff;
  • Participation on an athletic team that has in-season practices and/or competes during January;
  • Employed by a department/office and authorized to work during January for a minimum of 16 hours per week.
  • Outside of these reasons, students may seek special accommodation for extenuating circumstances (such requests will be reviewed via the online form by the Director of Residential Life).

A survey is sent directly to students asking all students [CLICK HERE] to note their plans for January term to serve as a housing request and occupancy check. 

Additional notes:

  • Students who are approved to reside on campus for January will reside in their currently assigned rooms.
  • Residence halls will open for January Term at noon on Sunday, January 3, 2021.
  • While there is no cost to students or departments for January Interim housing, only those who need to be here during January are approved to reside on campus.
  • The Residential Life office will be open Sunday, January 3rd from 12pm - 4pm for those needing to pick up a key for their housing assignment.

Questions? Please contact, call 507-933-7529 or stop by the Res Life office!

Spring Break/Easter Recess

  • Note for Spring 2021 - Spring Break has been cancelled, Easter Recess is April 2-4 and halls will be open.

Moving out of the residence halls 

If at any time you are permanently moving out of campus housing, you must return your room key to the Residential Life office as confirmation of your check out/move out. If you are transferring/withdrawing, please be sure to complete the withdrawal process starting with the Dean of Students office. All your belongings must be removed from your room before checking out. 

If you have a bed loft, you'll need to contact their customer service directly to coordinate pickup/return: