Frequently Asked Questions

How is my roommate chosen?
For first-year and transfer students, roommates are matched with the information submitted with your housing agreement. For returning students, roommate matching is a part of the room selection process (occurring each Spring for the following Fall housing assignments).

What furniture will I be able to use in my room?
Rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, bureaus, desks, and desk chairs. Each residence hall is equipped, also, with common areas where furniture is provided. Furniture must remain in the space/room where it is assigned. Students are held accountable for the presence of the furniture assigned them.

Other than at home, where can I wash my clothes?
Washers and dryers are available in every residence hall and are free to use for the residents of that hall. Ironing boards are also supplied; however, you must bring your own iron.

How do I make calls?
Basic Telephone Service is provided to students in college-owned housing upon request only. Students may bring their own phone or request a loan phone from the Telecommunications Office to plug into the wall after service to their room has been requested and programmed into service. Long Distance Service is available to all students, including those living in non-College housing, by request only for a Personal Authorization Code. Students placing calls using their personal Authorization Code are billed monthly by the Telecommunications Office.

Can I bring my pet to campus?
No. A fish kept in an aquarium of under 15 gallons can be your living space. Other animals, including visiting pets, are not permitted in the residence halls for health reasons. For students who require special accommodations, please see the housing accommodation process.

What if I can't go home during one of the scheduled breaks?
All Residential Housing is closed during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break periods. Students who are not able to leave campus for the break must apply and be pre-approved for each break housing period. Please check the Break Housing page for most current applications and information.

Can I bring my waterbed to campus?
No. Waterbeds are not permitted in the halls or apartments.

Do I have any say in where I live?
Incoming first-year students may indicate ranked preferences via the New Student Housing Form. Residential Life, though, makes placements with regard to preferences, available spaces, and roommate compatibility. Sometimes, the Residential Life Office is unable to accommodate your initial request. This is why several preferences are requested.

Transfer students are placed in a residence hall based on their age/approximate class year. Please email if you are in coming transfer student with questions about housing options.

Returning students apply for housing through the various selection processes held during spring term. Please see the Room Selection information page for the most updated information about that process.

Can I have a single room?
Very few single rooms may available for returning students during room selection in Gibbs hall or as a room in a Southwest Suite. Due to the occupancy of residence halls, doubles as singles are generally not considered until spring semester. For students who require special accommodations, please see the housing accommodation process.

Do I need to bring sheets and, if so, what size sheets should I bring?
We recommend bringing Twin XL sized sheets. There may be some variation in bed sizing, but the extra long sheet size will fit all mattresses.

Is there internet/network access in my room? What do I need to make this happen?

The Gustavus wireless network is available in all the campus residence halls. 

All network devices on the campus network must be registered. This includes laptops, gaming devices, cellphones, Kindles, etc. For more help or information please see: Network Registration

You will need your Gustavus User Account (email) username and password to register any devices on the campus network. If you do not know this information, please contact the Technology Helpline at 507.933.6111 or

What furniture is included in the apartments?
Apartment Furniture is different depending upon the building. In Arbor View and College View, the following furniture is present. Note: College-owned furniture MUST stay in your apartment!

  • Living Room
    • Sofa
    • Lounge Chair
    • Coffee Table
    • End Table
  • Bedroom
    • Bed
    • Dresser
    • Desk
    • Desk Chair
    • Closet for each resident
  • Dining Room
    • Dining Room Table and chairs

In Southwest Hall, the following furniture is present.

  • Living Room
    • Sofa
    • Lounge Chair
    • End Table
    • Entertainment Center
  • Bedroom(for each resident)
    • Bed
    • Dresser
    • Desk
    • Desk Chair
    • Closet
  • Dining Area
    • Island work area/dining area and two tall chair

Is there storage available on campus?

Subject to space limitations, students who live 350 miles+ from Saint Peter may store personal belongings in the hall storage rooms during the academic year (suitcases, trunks, etc), or other boxed and labeled belongings over the summer. Items can be put in to storage starting at the end of the Spring semester on Reading Day between 6- 10pm (and by contacting the CF on duty after 8pm nightly at other times during the academic year). Summer storage request deadline is 8am on Friday, May 20, 2022, and there is no storage access as of Sunday, May 22, 2022.

Gustavus Adolphus College assumes no liability for items lost or damaged while in storage. Items may only be stored for 1 year. Anything left beyond that time will be considered abandoned property. Students are storing at own risk and have been made aware of the storage policy. If storage capacity is reached for a given area, priority may be given to international students/furthest travel distances.

Storage is only accessible during times of year when Collegiate Fellows are on duty in the residence halls. Any access outside of this time (summer, early arrival, post-Commencement etc.) is by appointment only (at least 3 business days-notice required). If you feel you will need urgent access to storage items on short notice, you should obtain off-campus paid storage. 

Please note: you CAN store: cardboard boxes, plastic bins/containers, suitcases. All items must be sealed and labeled. You CANNOT store: college furniture, refrigerators, furniture, lofts, carpet rolls, garbage cans, bikes, trash bags, wood (this is not a complete list, Residential Life reserves the right to refuse storage for any item). Please email if you have any questions about items that can or cannot be stored.

Storage Request Form

Please submit a storage request form in advance of any storage request (please allow 2 business days advance notice, submissions cannot be processed during weekends or periods when the College is closed). You must bring an approval receipt to the Collegiate Fellow in order to be able to put items in Storage and use the Residential Life-provided storage labels.

Note: Residential Life does not have boxes available, but please check with Dining Service, the Post Office, and/or the Book Mark as they often have extra boxes available (especially with advanced notice/planning).

Summer storage: You will generally store your items in the hall you are living in NEXT YEAR (Arbor View will store in Pittman; College View & Chapel View will store in Norelius; Prairie View will store in Southwest; ILS Houses will store in Rundstrom). 

Gustavus Adolphus College assumes no liability for items lost or damaged while in storage. Any items abandoned in storage (remaining for 1 year) will be disposed of.