Frequently Asked Questions

How is my roommate chosen?
For first-year and transfer students, roommates are matched with the information submitted with your housing agreement.

For upper-class students, roommates can be chosen online via the roommate matching process after the Fall student deposit is paid and the housing agreement completed during the Room Draw process in the Spring.

What furniture will I be able to use in my room?
Rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, bureaus, desks, and desk chairs. Each residence hall is equipped, also, with common areas where furniture is provided. Furniture must remain in the space/room where it is assigned. Students are held accountable for the presence of the furniture assigned them.

Other than at home, where can I wash my clothes?
Washers and dryers are available in every residence hall and is free to use for the residents of that hall. Ironing boards are also supplied; however, you must bring your own steam iron.

How do I make calls?
Basic Telephone Service is provided free of charge to all students in college-owned housing upon request only. Students may bring their own phone or request a loan phone from the Telecommunications Office to plug into the wall after service to their room has been requested and programmed into service. Long Distance Service is available to all students, including those living in non-College housing, by request only for a Personal Authorization Code. Students placing calls using their personal Authorization Code are billed monthly by the Telecommunications Office.

Can I bring my pet to campus?
It depends. If and only if your pet is a fish kept in an aquarium of under 15 gallons can it remain in your living space. Other animals, including visiting pets, are not permitted in the residence halls for health reasons.

What if I can't go home during one of the scheduled breaks?
The halls are closed during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break periods. Students who are not able to leave campus for the vacations due to distance may be housed on campus with permission from the Residential Life Office in one of the halls on campus. Check with the Residential Life Office for further details.

Can I bring my waterbed to campus?
Waterbeds are not permitted in the halls or apartments.

Do I have any say in where I live?
For first year and transfer students, through the Housing Contract and Preference Form, you may indicate a variety of preferences including asking to live in a specific hall. Residential Life, though, makes placements with regard to preferences, available spaces, and roommate compatibility. Sometimes, the Residential Life Office is unable to accommodate your initial request. This is why several preferences are requested.

Upper class students apply for housing through the various selection processes held during spring term. Please see the information in the Room Draw section of this website by clicking here.

Can I have a single room?
A few single rooms are provided for upper class students in the suites of Southwest Hall. Due to the occupancy of residence halls, doubles as singles are generally not considered until spring semester. For other students who require special accommodations, please contact the Residential Life office to inquire about the accommodation paperwork and approval process.

Do I need to bring sheets and, if so, what size sheets should I bring?
As Gustavus has a variety of sizes of beds you may wish to wait until you have arrived on campus to purchase the appropriate size sheets or purchase extra long ones.

Is there internet/network access in my room? What do I need to make this happen?
All student rooms have internet/network access both wall plug-ins and wireless access. Students must purchase an Ethernet card if they do not already have one, which is available through the Book Mark in the Campus Center.

What furniture is included in the apartments?
Apartment Furniture is different depending upon the building. In Arbor View and College View, the following furniture is present. Note: College-owned furniture MUST stay in your apartment!

  • Living Room
    • Sofa
    • Lounge Chair
    • Coffee Table
    • End Table
  • Bedroom
    • Bed
    • Dresser
    • Desk
    • Desk Chair
    • Closet for each resident
  • Dining Room
    • Dining Room Table and chairs

In Southwest Hall, the following furniture is present.

  • Living Room
    • Sofa
    • Lounge Chair
    • End Table
    • Entertainment Center
  • Bedroom(for each resident)
    • Bed
    • Dresser
    • Desk
    • Desk Chair
    • Closet
  • Dining Area
    • Island work area/dining area and two tall chair