Collegiate Fellow Selection

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Thank you for taking the time to discover more information about the process to become a Collegiate Fellow! This page contains all of the information that you need to start developing your Candidate File. Please take a few moments to read through all of the information provided.

As a residential campus, Gustavus places significant emphasis on the experience of students in our residence halls. Collegiate Fellows are developers of community, assisting diverse individuals to come together to create a respectful and fun residential environment that enhances learning both in and out of the classroom.

In helping students discover identity, diversity, leadership, service, and active citizenship, Collegiate Fellows develop their own skills in communication, leadership, community building, time management, conflict resolution, event planning. These all happen side by side with fun, enthusiastic, and supportive co-workers who often become lifelong friends! CFs receive specialized training throughout their time in Residential Life, and the situations that allow CFs to apply this training are experiences that build character, while they also build resumes.

Residential Life is seeking: students who have positive attitudes and aspire to make a difference on campus individually and through the efforts of a diverse team. The CF position is both employment AND a leadership opportunity, and can be time intensive in its tasks and projects. Successful CFs work intentionally to maintain an academic focus while balancing the multiple responsibilities and priorities of the position.

Collegiate Fellows are leaders who are critically tied to our core values—Excellence, Community, Justice, Service, and Faith. It is a rewarding leadership opportunity that demands a lot, and our most successful CFs are those who find a good match with who we are and what we strive to do in Residential Life. We have created a CF selection process that allows us to find you AND you to find us. Questions? Please e-mail Melissa Shugarman at or call the Residential Life office at 507-933-7529.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status as of Fall 2020
  • 18 Years of Age by August 28, 2020
  • 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA and free of Academic Probation
  • Free of Disciplinary Probation

Collegiate Fellow Position Description 2019

Please review the position description prior to applying for the CF Position.

CF Applications for the 2020-21 Academic Year will be available in January 2020. 

To be considered as an applicant, you must fill out the online application linked above. 
You will NOT physically turn in any information to the Residential Life office.

The application above is for new CF applicants. 
If you have been a CF before and are interested in applying again,
please contact Melissa Shugarman at


You must provide two references. One reference must be your current Collegiate Fellow and one must be a Faculty or Staff member at Gustavus.
You need to send the Collegaite Fellow Reference Form link ( to your references to fill out. Reference forms are due by Monday, February 28, 2020.


In the online application you are asked to answer multiple short essays (250 words or less). We have provided the prompts below for you to consider before filling out the online application form. 

  • Why are you intersted in the Collegiate Fellow Position?
  • If someone asked you to describe your strengths, what would you say? Share your strengths and provide examples of how and when you've utilized them.
  • Describe any relevant or related experiences you have had (work, volunteer, leadership positions, etc.).
  • “The mission of Residential Life at Gustavus Adolphus College is to complement the academic mission of the institution by providing a living environment conducive to learning and development. The staff is committed to fostering a community in which students respect and affirm the dignity of all persons and develop the responsibility and values that will allow them to assume roles of leadership and service in society.”
    How, as a CF, would you live out the Mission of Residential Life?
  • For applicants who plan on being away during J-Term 2021 ONLY: 
    Please describe the course or activity in which you would like to participate. 
    How does that experience fit into your major/career plans? 

CF Selection Timeline for 2020

January 20

Applications Available
Applications will be available on this page.

February 10-12

CF Information Sessions
Dates, Times, & Locations TBD

February 23

Applications Due by 11:59pm 
Your two completed reference forms must be received by Friday, February 28

March 15

Interview Phase 1: Group Activities
Your specific group activity time will be sent to you via email by Monday, March 9.

  • This portion of the interview take approximately 50 minutes to complete.
  • All activities will begin in Alumni Hall
  • For this portion of the interview you can dress casual, but presentable.

March 16 or 18

Interview Phase 2: Individual Interviews
Your specific interview time will be sent to you via email by Monday, March 9.

  • This portion of the interview will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • All interviews will take place in Alumni Hall.
  • For this portion of the interivew, please dress presentable for the clothes you have.

March 25

Candidate Notification
Candidates will receive a letter indicating their status. There are three possible letters:

  • An offer letter for a CF Position in a specific building
  • A pool letter indicating we think you could be a great CF, but do not have a position available at this time and we would consider you for any openings that occur
  • A letter indicating that your strengths did not quite align with the strengths we were looking for and encouraging you to stay involved on campus and to reapply in the future



If you have questions please attend one of the Information Sessions listed above! Other options include:

  • Talk to your CF
  • Talk to your Area Coordinator
  • Contact Melissa Shugarman in the Residential Life office at x7529 or