Residence Hall Councils

Hall Council General Interest Applications Now Available!


Hall Council is your opportunity to Lead Where You Live! Each hall community* has a Hall Council that is dedicated to enhancing the community experience within the Residence Halls through planning events and advocating for hall improvements.

Hall Councils are comprised of a President, Vice President, Council Recorder, Publicity Coordinator, Sustainability Representative, Hall Senator, Inter-Hall Council Representative, and Floor Representatives. The President & Vice President are selected through a hall election process. Council Recorder & Publicity Coordinator are appointed after the first Hall Council meetings. Floor Representatives are an open position for any resident and do not require an election or appointment. All residents are encouraged to join Hall Council!

Each Council is advised by an Area Coordinator or Community Coordinator and receives a budget to implement activities, events, and improvement projects.

*North, Sorensen, and Gibbs Halls form the Complex Council and Arbor View, Chapel View, and College View form the Views Council.

Hall Council Positions

President (Elected by Hall Residents)
  • Schedules, plans, and conducts Hall Council meetings
  • Establishes agenda with input from the council, hall, and advisor
  • Maintains knowledge of Hall Council policies and procedures
  • Insures all council events and decisions are within college policies
Vice President (Elected by Hall Residents)
  • Assumes responsibilities of the President if the President is absent
  • Organizes discussions and sub-committees
  • Manages the Hall Council budget and keeps financial records
  • Insures purchases fall within college guidelines
Council Recorder (Elected by Hall Council Group)
  • Records minutes and notes during Hall Council meetings
  • Distributes meeting minutes to council members
  • Records and keeps a permanent file of all meeting information
  • Keeps attendance records
Publicity Coordinator (Elected by Hall Council Group)
  • Organizes and coordinates publicity for events and initiatives
  • Is responsible for Hall Council social media
Inter-Hall Council Representative (Elected by Hall Council Group)
  • Attends weekly Inter-hall Council meetings
  • Reports to Hall Council all Inter-Hall Council activities relating to hall and campus
  • Seeks concerns of the hall to relay to Inter-Hall Council and represents the hall’s views on issues
Floor/Section Representative (Open to All Residents, No Election/Appointment)
  • Solicits feedback from floor/section related to hall council
  • Provides ideas and support for Hall Council events and initiatives
  • Communicates information about events to floor/section members
Sustainability Representative (Elected by Hall Council Group)
  • Meets regularly with Gustavus Sustainability Interns
  • Gets feedback from Hall Council on sustainability related items
  • Helps with programs/events Sustainability Interns are planning
  • Helps Hall Council with events and programs
Hall Senator (*position only available via Student Senate elections)
  • Reports to hall Council all Student Senate activities relating to hall and campus
  • Seeks concerns of the hall to relay to Student Senate and represents the hall's views on issues

Hall Council Applications

Application for President & Vice President (Elected Positions)
Due Wednesday, September 15 by 4:00pm

Hall Council Member Interest Form (Floor/Hall Reps, Publicity Coordinator, Council Recorder)
Due Monday, September 20 by 11:59pm

Hall Council Election & Recruitment Timeline - Fall 2022
When Event/Deadline
Tuesday, September 6 Hall Council Applications Available for President & VP Positions
Hall Council Member Application Interest Form Open
Thursday, September 8 Hall Council Information Meetings in each Residence Hall - Check out the posters in your hall for specific time & location!
Monday, September 12 Online applications for President & Vice President submitted by 4:00pm
Monday, September 12 - Wednesday, September 14 Hall Council President & Vice President Campaigning (Campaigning follows the guidelines used by Student Senate. For more information please go here and read Article IV of the Student Senate Bylaws.)
Thursday, September 15 Elections for President & Vice President are held online via email
Hall Council Member interest form deadline
Friday, September 16 Final election results for President & Vice President sent via email
Sunday, September 18 to Saturday, September 24 First Council Meeting (Your Hall), Your Hall Council advisor will work with your elected President and Vice President to set the date, time, and location of the first meeting.
Sunday, September 25 All Campus Hall Council Training, 7:15 - 9:00pm
Your Next Hall Council Meeting Roles of Council Recorder & Publicity Coordinator Appointed