Residence Hall Councils

Hall Council Applications are closed. To become involved, contact your Area Coordinator.

What is a Hall Council?

Hall Council is a group of students who are elected by members of the residence halls to represent the community by:

  • keeping the residents informed of residence hall, campus, and student senate activities and issues;
  • seeking information from residents to relay to hall council and Student Senate;
  • coordinating the planning and implementation of educational, social, cultural and recreational activities within the residence hall;
  • assisting the Area Coordinator in matters pertaining to the physical condition of the hall;
  • encouraging concern for the quality of life and community development in the residence hall.

Hall Councils will be in all of our residence halls in 2015-2016. Each Hall Council is advised by an Area Coordinator or a Community Coordinator. Each Hall Council will have a budget with which to work in order to provide events and activities in the halls, purchase supplies and equipment and to use for general hall improvements. (*Note: North, Sorensen and Gibbs Halls comprise the Complex, which will have one Hall Council. Arbor View/Chapel View/College View will be combined into one Hall Council).

Each Hall Council has five executive positions elected by the residence hall during fall elections. In addition, each council has floor/section representatives that are selected/elected by individual floors/sections. The executive positions are President, Vice President, Council Recorder, Treasurer, and Senator.

Elections will be held in mid-September. Please see the entire fall timeline HERE

Hall Council Offices and Position Descriptions


Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • schedules, plans and conducts Hall Council meetings
  • establishes agenda with input of the council, hall and advisor
  • maintains a thorough knowledge of Hall Council constitution (if applicable), policies and procedures
  • insures all council events and decisions are within college policies

Residence Hall

  • facilitates communication among the executive board, the council, hall and advisor
  • motivates participation in the organization and its events
  • promotes involvement of residents in community living through structure of committees and planned activities
  • works cooperatively with the residence hall staff
  • meets with the advisor weekly

Campus Community

  • serves as the spokesperson for the Hall Council
  • serves as a member of and represents the hall at the retreats and regular meetings of the campus-wide InterHall Council (the 10 Hall Council Presidents comprise the InterHall Council)

Vice President

Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • assumes the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence
  • serves as the Hall Council parliamentarian
  • organize discussions and sub-committees

Residence Hall

  • Assists with communication between residents and the council regarding issues and concerns in the hall.

Council Recorder/Secretary

Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • distributes agendas to all council members
  • promptly issues minutes after each meeting
  • records and keeps a permanent file of minutes for all meetings (submitted at the end of each year)
  • keeps attendance records

Residence Hall

  • keeps the hall informed of weekly meetings of hall council
  • Assists with communication of Hall Council activities to residents 

Campus Community

  • coordinates communication of activities within the residence hall and across campus (when appropriate)
  • notifies Student Activities of large hall activities for inclusion in campus calendar of events


Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • disburses funds for expenditures approved by the Hall Council
  • keeps financial records for the Council (following Residential Life guidelines and procedures)
  • prepares budget for Hall Council approval
  • submits weekly financial reports to Hall Council
  • insures that all disbursements adhere to council, college, state and federal guidelines
  • meets monthly with the Assistant Director of Residential Life

Hall Senator (*position only available via Student Senate elections)

Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • reports to the Hall Council all Student Senate activities relating to hall and campus
  • seeks concerns of the hall to relay to Student Senate and represents the hall’s views on issues

Residence Hall

  • communicates Student Senate activities to hall (via bulletin board, email, etc)
  • seeks information from residents about Senate issues
  • surveys
  • tabling and/or door-to-door visits
  • attending floor/section community meetings

Student Senate

  • obligations TBD by Senate

Floor/Section Representative

Hall Council

  • is open to learning leadership skills through the position
  • reports floor/section activities and concerns relating to hall and campus
  • seeks concerns to relay to floor/section
  • attends Hall Council retreats and training programs
  • serves on Hall Council committees as necessary

Residence Hall

  • serves as communication link
  • assesses/surveys the needs of floor/section members
  • seeks ideas/concerns
  • communicates with constituents on Hall Council issues
  • door-to-door visits
  • bulletin board in section/on floor
  • regular email contact with floor/section
  • knows floor/section members

Election Timeline for Fall 2015

By Friday, September 4 Hall Council Applications available via Residential Life website
Sunday, September 13

Hall Council Information Meetings in each Residence Hall

  • Complex: 9:30pm in the North Hall Basement
  • International Center: 8:00pm in the Main Lounge
  • Norelius: 8:00pm in the Norelius Pit
  • Pittman: 8:00pm in the Main Lounge
  • Prairie View: 8:30pm in the Floor Lounge
  • Rundstrom: 8:45pm in the Main Lounge
  • Sohre Hall: 6:15pm in the Main Lounge
  • Southwest Hall: 7:15pm in the Main Lobby
  • Uhler: 9:30pm in the Main Lounge
  • The Views: 8:00pm in College View
Wednesday, September 16 Online applications submitted by 12:00 pm (noon)
Wednesday, September 16 to Wednesday, September 23 Hall Council Candidate Campaigning (Campaigning follows the guidelines used by Student Senate. For more information please go here and read Article IV of the Student Senate Bylaws.)
Wednesday, September 23 Elections for President, Vice President, Council Recorder, and Treasurer held online via Res Life Survey Monkey ballots
Thursday, September 24 Final election results posted & candidates notified
Friday, September 25 Floor/Section Representatives finalized via Collegiate Fellows
Sunday, September 27 First Interhall Council Meeting (Presidents Only) & First Council Meeting (Your Hall)
Wednesday, September 30 All-Campus Hall Council Training, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm