Residential Life Annual Calendar

Summer 2015

Date Activity
June 1 Housing Contract and Preference Form
Late July/early August Housing Assignments Sent To All Students

Fall Semester 2015

Date Activity
Sept. 4 Residence Halls Open at 9:00 AM for New Students
Sept. 4 - 7 New Student Orientation
Sept. 6 Transfer students check into residence halls between 9 and Noon
Sept. 7

Residence Halls Open for Returning Students

Sept. 8 Classes Begin
Sept. TBD Hall Council applications due by noon! (Click HERE for more info)
Sept. TBD Online Hall Council elections held
Sept. 26 - 27 Homecoming 2014
Oct. 24 - 27 Fall Break...Residence Halls remain open
Nov. 2-5 Interim Experience Registration
Nov. 8-19 Spring Semester Registration
Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving Recess: Residence Halls Close at 9:00 AM on Wednesday Nov. 25 and Re-open at Noon on Sunday, Nov. 29
Dec. 15 Final Day of Fall Semester Classes
Dec. 16 Reading classes
Dec. 17-21 Final Examinations
Dec. 22 Residence Halls Close at 9:00 AM
Dec. 22 - Jan 3 Christmas Recess

Interim Experience/January Term 2016

Date Activity
Jan. 3 Residence Halls Open at Noon and incoming student check-in at Residential Life office (time TBD)
Jan. 4 Interim Experience (IE) /January Term Classes begin
Jan. 4 Students planning to return for 2015-2016 academic year may begin signing on-line contracts.
Jan. 4 CF Applications Available. Click here to go to the CF Application Website
Jan. 29 Last day of IEX/Jan. Term Classes
Jan 30-Feb 7 Touring Break...Residence Halls Remain Open

Spring Semester 2016

Date Activity
Feb. 7 Incoming student check in at Residential Life Office (12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Feb. 8 Classes Begin
Feb. 8 Collegiate Fellow Applications continue to be available. Click here to go to CF Application Website
Feb. TBD Collegiate Fellow Applications due (TENTATIVE)
Mar. TBD Crossroads Program Member Applications due. Click here to go to the Crossroads Website
March TBD CF Selection Process
March TBD Off-Campus Housing Applications due
March 25 -
April 3
Spring Break/Easter Recess: Residence Halls Close at 9:00 AM on Friday, March 25 and re-open at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Sunday, April 3.
April TBD Room Draw @ Alumni Hall (Click here to go to Room Draw website)
April 11-21 Fall Course Registration
May 18 Final Day of Spring Semester Classes
May 19 Reading Day
May 20-24 Final Exams
May 24 Residence Halls close at 6:00 PM for all students not involved with graduation.
May 29 Residence Halls close at 6:00 PM for Graduating Seniors