Move OutResidential Life

See below for end of year check-out procedures.

Mid-Year Departures:

If at any time you are permanently moving out of campus housing, you must return your room key to the Residential Life office as confirmation of your check out/move out. Please request a checkout envelope or stop by the Residential Life office to pick one up - a checkout envelope and your key(s) must be returned directly to the Residential Life office/drop box, Campus Center 105 to confirm your move-out. ($150 improper checkout charge if not completed, plus $100 each for non-returned keys).

All your belongings must be removed from your room before checking out.

If you have a loft or other rental from, you'll need to contact their customer service directly to coordinate pickup/return ($150 improper checkout charge if left in room): Phone: 866-651-5638, E-mail:

 If you are transferring/withdrawing, please be sure to complete the withdrawal process starting with the Dean of Students office. 

Note: All information here subject to change if any dates or College processes are adjusted.

Move-out Deadlines - May 2024

Each resident is required to depart within 24 hours of the completion of their last final or by 7:00pm Tuesday, May 21, whichever comes first.

  • All Residence Housing closes to non-graduating seniors on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 7:00pm.
  • All Residence Housing closes for graduating Seniors on Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 6pm.
  • An after-finals housing request approval is required for all non-Seniors requiring housing after May 21, 2024, and all Seniors requiring housing after May 25, 2024 (note: any housing requested after May 25 will have to be a temporary assignment, or involve a move to Summer Housing. Students will not be able to stay in their Spring housing assignments after 6pm on May 25, regardless of reason).
  • If you have questions about Summer Housing, see more information here

As you plan your departure from campus, please read below for detailed move-out/check-out information. 

A checkout/move-out process envelope will be placed on your door by Reading Day. If you are departing prior to that date, or did not receive one, pick one up from the Residential Life office (Campus Center 105) - you will confirm a departure time, move-out your belongings and prepare your room, and then return your key to Residential Life to confirm your move out. 

Preparing for Move Out 

Before students leave, they need to complete all tasks listed on the check-out envelope. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Remove all personal belongings. Double check dressers, closets, drawers, etc. (Charges assessed based on quantity/size of left items)
  • Take all garbage out to the dumpster and clean the garbage, recycling, and compost bins (minimum $25 charge, more based on volume)
  • Dust all surfaces (desk, dresser, heaters, etc.), Wipe out desk and dresser drawers. ($25-75 charge for room cleaning, depending on amount needed)
  • Clear floor of debris ($25-50 based on cleaning that needs to be done by staff)
  • Ensure all original furniture is in room and assembled completely/correctly (charge per missing/disassembled item)
  • Set bed so that the top bracket is resting on the fourth rung from the bottom. ($25 charge for incorrect height)
  • If you are returning a rented refrigerator unplug & defrost it 24 hours before returning it to avoid puddles or gross smells. Apartments/Houses – You do NOT need to defrost the College refrigerator.
  • Return items rented from to BedLoft ($150 improper checkout charge if items left in room/Hall).

Note: you should not paint, fill holes, or attempt to repair any damages. Physical Plant will re-do it and you will still be billed for the damage. If you have issues removing a 3M tab - leave it there! Physical Plant will remove it safely to prevent damages.

Staff will use your Room Condition Report (RCR) from move-in and compare the condition of your room after you leave. All damages not specified when you moved in, aside from normal wear and tear, will be recorded and charged to you. Charges which cannot be attributed to a single roommate will be divided equally between roommates. If you would like to take responsibility for a specific damage now, please email 

The Checkout Process

All checkouts will be done using a contactless system. Checkout will not require you to wait for a staff member to be present to check out of your room and leave campus.

  1. Book a departure date/time: Starting May 1, residents can book a departure date/time via The time you book should be the date and time that you will be physically moving out of your space and leave campus. 24-hours advanced notice required. (Note: Graduating Seniors have a separate move-out link ).

  2. Residents will receive an envelope with checkout instructions on their door. This envelope will have all move out instructions, as well as a checklist for the resident printed on it. If you do not find an envelope on your door prior by Reading Day, stop by the Residential Life office to pick one up!

  3. Residents should complete all move-out tasks according to the checklist on their envelope (see above).

  4. Once the checklist has been completed, residents will place their room keys in the envelope, seal it, sign it, and return the envelope with their key(s) directly to the Residential Life Office (Campus Center 105). For after-hours departures, there is a secure drop slot outside the door and keys will be checked in the next morning. Failure to return room keys will result in a $100 charge (per key).

  5. After a room is fully vacated, Residential Life staff members will check the condition of rooms and will use the Room Condition Report completed during move in to assess any damages.

If you are leaving campus prior to May 1, please email to notify us of the date and time. If a student would like to request a “traditional checkout”, which involves a face-to-face appointment with Res Life staff or CF, you must make that request at least 48 hours in advance of your intended departure date, email

Other Closing Information
Quiet Hours: 24-hour Quiet Hours will begin on Thursday, May 18 at 10pm and continue until Tuesday, May 23 at 3pm. Violating quiet hours will result in an automatic noise citation; no warnings will be given by Residential Life staff. 

Improper Checkout: $150 - Students will be charged for improper checkout for any of the following (in addition to any cleaning/trash removal fees). - not returning their rentals directly to the company, leaving non-Gustavus furniture in rooms, not scheduling a move-out time, and/or not returning their key directly to the Residential Life office. 

Trash/Dumpsters: All items from your room must be taken home or thrown away. Dumpsters will be parked near the building starting during finals week. Items left in your room or in the hallway will result in additional charges at checkout. 

Trash 2 Treasure Donation program!

Got gently used stuff you need to get rid of before heading home? Drop it off in the 2nd annual Trash 2 Treasure Move Out Donation Program, coordinated by the sustainability interns in the Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation and Facilities.

  • When: [2024 dates TBA]
  • Who: Open to all students living in on-campus residential halls.
  • Why: To collect and redistribute gently used items that might otherwise be thrown into dumpsters headed for a landfill. Last year we diverted over 4500 lbs from the landfill! These items will be available to the campus community at the Gustie Garage Sale in fall. Stay tuned, returning students!
  • What: Check out the Accepted Items list and plan ahead to drop your items off at the nearest collection station. Please try to redistribute large couches or other bulky furniture to underclassmen before donating as we have limited storage space.
  • Where: This year there will be collection stations for donations of gently used items at the following locations:
    • College View - Large multi-use room
    • Norelius - Lounge - area near the pool table
    • Complex - Basement of North
    • Pittman - Basement
    • Sohre - Basement
    • Southwest - Kitchen/lounge area
    • Uhler - Basement
    • Residents in other on-campus housing may bring items to these collection stations. Students and staff are also welcome to take any items they will use from the donation stations at any time during the collection. 

Let’s put less in the landfill and re-purpose some great items this year! Happy move-out!

Lofts/ Rentals

All lofts should be disassembled prior to the start of 24-hour quiet hours (Thursday, May 16 at 10pm). will be on campus (across from Sohre Hall and in the parking lot between Norelius Hall and the Campus Center) for loft returns during move-out:

  • Friday, May 17 from 9am-3pm at the following locations:
    • 9am-12pm: Norelius Hall
    • 1pm-3pm: Pittman Hall (by the Art/Theatre building)
  • Sunday, May 19 from 10am 4pm at the following locations:
    • 10am-12pm: Pittman Hall (by the Art/Theatre building)
    • 1pm-4pm: Norelius Hall

Damages: Look around your room now. Is there anything that needs to be repaired? If so, please submit a work order (via the Physical Plant maintenance request form). If anything is broken at the time of your checkout, you may be charged to have it fixed. Staff will use your Room Condition Report (RCR) from move-in and compare the condition of your room after you leave. Any and all damages that were not specified when you moved in, aside from normal wear and tear, will be recorded and charged to you. If one roommate does not take responsibility for a specific damage, charges will be divided equally between roommates. If you would like to take responsibility for a specific damage now, please email


Limited storage space is available for students who live farther than 350-miles from Gustavus. 
  • Storage Out - All items that are currently in storage must be removed by May 5 at 10pm. To retrieve items from storage, you can contact a CF on Duty from 8-10pm.
  • Storage In - A storage request form is required in advance of any attempt to place items into storage. Complete the form here at least 2 business days in advance to have your request approved. Then you will need to bring the Residential Life office-issued approved inventory sheet and storage labels for your items to the Collegiate Fellow in order to be able to put items in Storage.
    • Refrigerators, bicycles, furniture, carpet, and wood may NOT be stored in the residence hall storage.
    • Items can be put into storage starting Reading Day between 6- 10pm, and during normal duty hours after that through Commencement.
    • You will store your items in the hall you are living in NEXT YEAR (look for duty signs to contact the CF on duty nightly starting at 8pm). Some buildings have alternate storage locations due to lack of space in the building, for these locations please store as directed:
      • Arbor View will store in Pittman
      • College View & Chapel View will store in Norelius
      • Prairie View will store in Southwest
      • ILS Houses will store in Rundstrom
    • Residential Life does not have boxes available, but please check with Dining Service, the Post Office, and/or the Book Mark as they often have extra boxes available (especially with advanced notice/planning).
    • Storage access is not readily available after Commencement/over the summer as there are not CFs on duty in all buildings.
    • Any storage requests when CFs are not on duty require 3 business days advance notice and must be coordinated via email at

Gustavus Adolphus College assumes no liability for items lost or damaged while in storage. Any items abandoned in storage (remaining for 1 year) will be disposed of.