Summer Housing

Information below will not apply to Summer 2020 due to COVID-19. There is no public application for summer housing at this time, as summer programs and gatherings in June and July on campus have been cancelled. If you have a quesiton about summer housing, please email

Summer housing will be available in Chapel View and College View this summer. The summer housing rate for 2020 is $350 per month ($87.50 per week). To qualify for summer housing, you must be a current or graduating Gustavus Adolphus student, and priority is given to those meeting one (or more) of the following criteria:

    • Conducting research at Gustavus: You must list your supervisor(s) on the application form and your information will be verified with the Research and Sponsored programs office. Note that if you stay in housing any dates beyond those paid by grant funding, you will be personally responsible for any housing charges.
    • Enrolled for course credit at Gustavus: Your housing is approved for the period of study defined by your supervising faculty. 
    • Enrolled in an internship for credit through Gustavus: Internships can be on- or off-campus. Housing is approved only for the period defined by your sponsoring faculty or internship coordinator.
    • Working at an on-campus job. We require that you are working at least 20 hours per week (multiple jobs that add up to 20 hours is acceptable). You must list your supervisor(s) on the application form.

Summer housing applications will be approved on a space-available basis, with priority given to those employed on campus during the summer. Housing will be assigned based on the date your application was received, your stated first preference for housing, and depending on roommate requests, dates needed, etc. Those assigned a summer housing space will be billed for the full date range requested, or a $100 placement fee for no-shows/late cancellations due to the space having been held for you.

How do I sign-up for summer housing?

You must have complete a Summer Housing Application Form documenting the dates needed for housing and your reason for staying this summer. 

Where will I live?
  • End of finals - June 3*: Your current spring assignment (weekly billing begins Monday, June 3rd)
  • June 3 - August 14: Chapel View Townhomes (four people, 4 bedrooms) or College View Apartments (four people, two bedrooms) per unit
  • August 14*: Fall 2020 room assignment.

* Students may need to move to their summer assignment earler/later to accommodate cleaning and temporary housing for College View and Chapel View residents depending on early arrival and Cusotidal/Physical Plant services needs in summer housing. 

What do I do between finals and June 3?

If you do not already live in College View/Chapel View, students have the option to stay in their current room until Wednesday, June 3.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, key pickups for assigned summer spaces will be available from 2:00pm - 8:00pm in your assigned summer housing building for those who have requested housing starting that day. Your move must be entirely completed keys returned to the Residential Life office by 8pm, so try to start your move as close to 2pm as possible. Even with the tight turnaround, you will be expected to remove your belongings and clean your room thoroughly, so make sure to plan ahead!! Our buildings are utilized over the summer for camps and conferences and we turn over use of the building to Summer Programs as of 8pm, so it is imperative that the move be completed by the deadline.

  • If you are a summer housing resident and moving into your summer space on Wednesday, June 3, you do NOT need to set up a checkout time. Your check out will take place the evening of June 3 after you move in to your summer apartment.
  • What if I am done with finals and going home until Summer Check In on June 3?
    As long as your will be back to move your items on June 3, you do NOT need to check out. You can keep your belongings in your room until that time.
  • I am not coming back until the weekend of June 6/7, can I just leave my stuff in my room and move to my summer hall that weekend?
    No. Everything must be out of every room on campus by June 3 so we can turn them over to Summer Programs. You can have friends move your items for you on June 3 OR take things home and bring them back with you when you move in. They cannot stay in your room if you are not back by June 3. We do not have storage for summer residents.

ALL students MUST be moved out of their school year space and have turned in their keys by 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 3. If you choose to leave campus for a few days after you finish your finals, you are still expected to be moved and return your keys by 8:00pm.

If I don’t need housing until later in the summer, how do I get keys?

You can pick up summer housing keys in the Residential Life Office on the day you have requested housing on your application. If you plan to arrive after 4:45pm or any other time the Office is closed, please make sure to contact our office 1-2 days ahead of time (507-933-7529) so that keys can be prepared and we can notify Campus Safety, who will assist you in getting your room keys. If you change your plans and wish to return on a different date than you requested, we will accommodate that on a space-available basis. Please notify our office as soon as you become aware of any changes. Note that cancellations are subject to a $100 summer placement fee.

What will it cost?
  • The summer housing rate for 2020 is $350 per month ($87.50 per week) and reported to student accounts approximately July 1, August 1, and September 1.
    • Summer Housing Includes housing in designated units in Chapel View or College View from June 3 - August 14, and your Fall assignment August 14 - September 6. Charges are calculated at $350 per month ($87.50 per week) and reported to student accounts approximately July 1, August 1, and September 1.
    • For housing for only part of summer, student accounts will be billed based on check-in and check-out dates, where any stay through Wednesday counts as a full housing week. Example: Housing from June 13—July 4 would be 3 weeks ($262.50) and processed for billing about August 1.
    • Any arrivals on or after August 14 are considered 'early arrival' housing - please see that application process and note the nightly fee of $75 night charged to student account (or sponsoring department if required to return early).

Billing begins Monday, June 3/the day you pick up your keys and ends the day you check out with your CF AND return your key to the Residential Life office. Students are responsible for communicating with CFs about their plans to leave their summer spaces. We do not provide partial rates due to vacations, etc.

Why do I need to move at the end of the summer?

Residential Life and Building Service/Physical Plant work together to ensure that we have well-maintained facilities. In order to make sure we don't defer important maintenance of Chapel View and College View, Custodians and the various Facilities staff need time to prepare to welcome students back in the fall. One week is the best compromise we have for Facilities to get as much work done as possible and for you to be able to live in an apartment as long as possible.

Do I get a discount if I am going on a family vacation or extended break from summer housing?

Preference will be given to those who are living here all summer. We do not give discounts for weekends away, week-long trips, etc. If you have a special circumstance, please contact our office with questions. 

What about CFs?

Residential Life hires two Collegiate Fellows for the summer. While their role does not have quite the programmatic emphasis as during the academic year, there will still be periodic social events. They are still available for emergencies and to be resources for you if you have concerns. 


If you have any questions about summer housing please contact Residential Life at or by phone at 507-933-7529.

Where can I find the application?

Application will be posted online through the housing portal in the Spring.