Summer Housing

Are you looking to live on campus the summer of 2016?

What's new?
We will have housing available in Arbor View, Chapel View and College View again this summer! You will rank housing preferences on your application and we'll assign based on the date your application was received (and depending on roommate requests, etc)

When is the application for summer housing due?

Applications are avaiable now and due by 4:30pm on April 15. Signatures from supervisors/advisors for the summer are required to complete the application, so plan ahead! Also, space is limited for summer housing. Applications will be approved on a space-available basis.

Who is eligible to apply for summer housing?

1. You must be a current or graduating Gustavus Adolphus student.

2. You meet one (or more) of the following criteria:

  • Conducting research at Gustavus: Please note that you are eligible to be housed on campus only during the period defined by the research grant that is sponsoring your research. Your faculty supervisor must sign your application form and provide dates.
  • Enrolled for course credit at Gustavus: Your housing is approved for the period of study defined by your supervising faculty. Your faculty supervisor must sign your application form and provide dates.
  • Enrolled in an internship for credit through Gustavus: Internships can be on- or off-campus. Housing is approved only for the period defined by your sponsoring faculty or internship coordinator, who must sign your summer housing application form and provide dates.
  • Working at an on-campus job. We require that you are working at least 20 hours per week (multiple jobs that add up to 20 hours is acceptable).

Priority is given to those employed on campus during the summer, but when space is available we allow current students to request housing even if they are working off-campus.

How do I sign-up for summer housing?

You must complete a Summer Housing Application Form. There are two separate forms; you must complete the one that corresponds to your reason for staying this summer.

  • Summer Research: Your faculty supervisor will need to complete part of your form to help us verify your summer housing eligibility.You are only eligible to be housed during the time you are performing research.
  • Internships, Courses, Employment: Your supervisor(s), faculty, or internship coordinator must complete part of your form to help us verify your summer housing eligibility. Summer employees must be employed for a minimum of 20 hours a week, and must list all summer employment on their application.

Applications are available on the Residential Life website (at the bottom of this page) or stop by the Residential Life Office to pick up a hard copy application form. Please read all information carefully, including both this document AND on the application form. The application deadline is 4:30pm on April 15..

Where will I live?

  • End of finals - June 1*: Your current spring assignment
  • June 1 - August 19: Arbor View, Chapel View or College View (four people per apartment).
  • August 19 - August 27: Southwest Hostel (see below for additional information)
  • August 27 - September 5: Summer students will live in their fall room assignment.

* Students living in College View 101-109 and 201-209 will need to move to their summer assignment on May 30 or May 31.

You are required to sign up for a space in each session for which you need housing. Please read the application form carefully to avoid confusion that might leave you without housing during the last two weeks of the summer before you can move into your fall room assignment.

What do I do between finals and June 1?

If you currently live in College View 101-109 or 201-209, you will be required to move on May 30 or May 31 into your summer housing assignment. Someone from the Residential Life office will be in contact with you to setup a specific time on one of those two days.

If you do not live in those specific College View spaces, students have the option to stay in their current room until Wednesday, June 1. Keys for assigned summer spaces will be available from 5:00pm - 9:00pm in your assigned summer housing building for those who have requested housing starting that day. Make sure to be ready to move as close to 5:00pm as possible, because moves to summer assignments MUST be completed that night. Our buildings are utilized over the summer for camps and conferences so it is imperative that the move happen quickly. Even with the tight turnaround, you will be expected to remove your belongings and clean your room thoroughly, so make sure to plan ahead!!

ALL students MUST be moved out of their school year space and have turned in their keys by 9:00pm on Wednesday, June 1. If you choose to leave campus for a few days after you finish your finals, you are still expected to be moved and return your keys by 9:00pm on June 1.

If I don’t need housing until later in the summer, how do I get keys?

You can pick up College View keys in the Residential Life Office on the day you have requested housing on your application. If you plan to arrive after 4:45pm or any other time the Office is closed, please make sure to contact our office 1-2 days ahead of time (507-933-7529) so that keys can be prepared and we can notify Campus Safety, who will assist you in getting your room keys. If you change your plans and wish to return on a different date than you requested, we will accommodate that on a space-available basis. Please notify our office as soon as you become aware of any changes.

What will it cost?

  • Option 1: All Summer (June 1 - September 5)
    • Includes housing in Arbor View, Chapel View or College View from June 1 - August 19, housing in the Southwest Hostel from August 19 - 21, and housing as an early arrival in your fall assignment from August 21 - September 5. Charges are calculated at $75.00 per week/$300.00 per month and reported to student accounts approximately July 1, August 1, and September 1.
  • Option 2: Summer Apartment Only (June 1 - August 19)
    • Charges for housing in Arbor View, Chapel View or College View are calculated at $75.00 per week/$300.00 per month and reported to student accounts approximately July 1, August 1, and September 1
  • Option 3: Part of Summer (Specify dates between: June 1 - September 5)
    • Charges for housing in Arbor View, Chapel View or College View/Southwest Hostel are calculated at $75.00 per week/$300.00 per month and reported to student accounts approximately July 1, August 1, and September 1. Example: Housing from June 13—July 4 would be 3 weeks ($250.00) and processed for billing about August 1.

Billing begins the day you pick up your keys and ends the day you turn in your key AND check out with your CF. Students are responsible for communicating with CFs about their plans to leave their summer spaces.

Why do I need to move at the end of the summer?

Residential Life and Physical Plant work together to ensure that we have well-maintained facilities. In order to make sure we don't defer important maintenance of Arbor View, Chapel View or College View, Custodians and the various Physical Plant staff need time to prepare to welcome students back in the fall. One week is the best compromise we have for Physical Plant to get as much work done as possible and for you to be able to live in an apartment as long as possible.

NOTE: Students living in summer housing as of August 19 will be allowed to place belongings into their fall assignments.

Where can I store my belongings while I’m staying in the Southwest Hostel in August?

We understand that moving multiple times can be inconvenient. In order to try to offset a small part of the inconvenience, you will be able to drop belongings into your fall assignment on August 19-21. Once those belongings are dropped off, you will not have access to them until August 27, at which time you will be able to move permanently into your fall room assignment.

ALL students MUST be moved out of your summer housing assignment by 9:00pm Sunday, August 21. You will be expected to return your summer key AND fall assignment keys on Monday, August 22 by 10:00am. You will not be permitted to stay in your fall assignment at any time between August 22 and August 27.

What about CFs?

Residential Life hires two Collegiate Fellows for the summer. While their role does not have quite the programmatic emphasis as during the academic year, there will still be periodic social events. They are still available for emergencies and to be resources for you if you have concerns. 


If you have any questions please contact Residential Life at or by phone at 507-933-7529.

Where can I find the application?

Feel free to pick one up at the Residential Life office or print off the appropriate application below. Please print off the application and then fill it out. Do not attempt to complete it electronically.

  • 2016 Summer Housing Application for summer campus employees 
  • 2016 Summer Housing Application for summer research students

Applications are due to Residential Life by 4:30pm on April 15.