Early Arrival Housing - Fall

Move-in is here and the early arrival process is closed! Information for Fall 2020 early arrivals will be posted at the end of this academic year.

What is “early arrival housing”?

Early arrival housing is for any student who are required to be on campus before the official opening days:

  • Orientation/move-in for incoming first-year students will be Friday, August 30, 2019, please review the Orientation materials for full details here.
  • All returning/upperclass students are allowed to move back to campus on Sunday, September 1, 2019 or Monday, September 2, 2019.
    • Any arrivals prior to August 24 will be placed in the Southwest Hostel or Temporary Housing located in Complex (North, Gibbs, Sorensen Halls). Any arrivals on or after August 24 will be checked in to their Fall housing assignments.
  • Note that Fall 2019 classes begin Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

All those needing to move into the residence halls before the official arrival date must submit an online application form and be approved. Online applications are now closed, please contact the Residential Life office if you have a question about early arrivals.

What is the approval process?

Please submit an online request form in advance of August 1st. You must provide a reason for early return, and if listing a department to charge for early arrival we will verify the date requirements and payment approval with that department. Personal requests for early arrival are subject to approval and will have a $75/night charge to their student account sent in September. There is a 1-day early arrival grace period for travel distances of over 350 miles (form submission and approval still required).

Applications will be reviewed and those approved will receive a confirmation email with detailed check-in information will prior to their requested return date.

The following are generally NOT approved reasons for early return - please adjust your plans accordingly or look into local Saint Peter hotel accommodations:

  • You just want to unpack and set up your on-campus living space.
  • Your roommate is here and you want to be here, too.
  • Your parents are going on vacation and they need to drop you off.
  • Your summer lease is expiring before the halls open and you need a place to stay.
  • You start work at an off-campus job and it would be easier to be back early.
  • It’s just more convenient for you to arrive earlier…

How much will it cost?

Early arrival housing charges for students who are part of requests made by coaches/supervisors/directors are charged to the sponsoring department (i.e. back as part of a request for an athletic team, to work for a department, etc). If you arrive prior to the date required by the department, you will be subject to the $75/night student account charge.

If you are NOT part of a college-sponsored and approved list, you will be charged $75.00 per night and must submit a request and be approved to arrive early. There is a 1-day grace period with no charge for those with a travel distance of more than 350 miles, but an early arrival housing form must still be submitted for approval.

Those who violate the early return approval process (arriving earlier than approved, not receiving approval for early return, allowing roommates to move-in without approval, etc) are subject to a $150/night charge to their student account for all parties involved.