Early Arrival Housing - Fall 2018

What is “early arrival housing”?

Early arrival housing is for any student who needs to be on campus before the official opening days. Upperclass students are allowed to move back to campus on Sunday, September 1, 2019 or Monday, September 2, 2019 (Fall 2019 classes begin Tuesday, September 3, 2019). 

All individual students not officially approved by a coach/supervisor/director needing to move into the residence halls before the official arrival date must submit an Early Arrival Application Form (available online soon).

How much will it cost?

Early arrival housing charges for students who are part of requests made by coaches/supervisors/directors are charged to the sponsoring department (i.e. back as part of a request for an athletic team, to work for a department, etc).

If you are NOT part of a college-sponsored and approved list, you will be charged $75.00 per night and must be approved to arrive early. Arriving prior to the requested/assigned date will result in a $150 per night charge to the student. There is a 1-day grace period with no charge for those with a travel distance of more than 350 miles, but an early arrival housing form must still be submitted for approval.

Why do I want to arrive early?

We do not necessarily approve all requests nor do we invite all students to request early arrival.

We do NOT invite students to return early if:

  • You just want to unpack and set up your on-campus living space.
  • Your roommate is here and you want to be here, too.
  • Your parents are going on vacation and they need to drop you off.
  • Your summer lease is expiring before the halls open and you need a place to stay.
  • You start work at an off-campus job and it would be easier to be back early.
  • It’s just more convenient for you to arrive earlier…

We understand that there may be a variety of private, legitimate reasons to arrive early. Those will be handled on a case by case basis. However, if you drop in without approval you will be charged $150.00 per night for each night you are here prior to the opening of the halls.

EXCEPTION: If you are traveling from a home address farther than 350 miles from St. Peter, you get a one-day grace period without a being charged. For instance, you are driving from St. Louis so you would be allowed to arrive on Saturday, September 1st rather than Sunday, September 2nd. Students who meet the 350-mile criteria still MUST apply for early arrival housing if you intend to arrive earlier than your scheduled check-in date.

So what should I do if I can’t move into my room early?

We know you’re excited to get back to Gustavus for the year, but if you’re not approved to arrive early there are other options that may work for you.

  • Find a hotel in St. Peter or Mankato..
  • Sleep on a friend’s couch off campus or nearby.
  • Stay home a little longer.

I know I need to apply for early arrival… now what?

We will review all requests on a rolling basis (up to the August 10th application deadline) and you will receive an email with official permission (or notice of a denied request). We will also include information about where to pick up your keys, etc. NOTE: If you are scheduled to return for a specific reason (i.e. athletics, campus employment, etc), you do NOT need to fill out an individual request as your director/coach/supervisor should already have given us your name. If you are unsure of details regarding your arrival for a specific reason, contact your director/coach/supervisor directly for info.

The Early Arrival Application form will be available online soon.