The Residential Learning Plan

The Residential Life department at Gustavus Adolphus College believes that learning occurs both in and out of the classroom.  Our residential program facilitates student learning through actively engaging residents in creating community and developing a sense of responsibility for their residence hall environment. These efforts seek to enhance the student learning experience while aligning with the college’s educational mission and remaining firmly rooted in its mission and core values.

We believe that:

Gustavus students will have the opportunity to understand and develop their sense of self and broaden their perspective on how core institutional values shape their capacity to lead lives of leadership and service in a diverse world.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of living in a residence hall community:

  1. Each Gustavus student will have the opportunity to explore the multiple facets of identity development.
  2. Each Gustavus student will have the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader and recognize the leadership qualities of themselves and others.
  3. Each Gustavus student will have the opportunity to engage as an active citizen, through education and service, within and outside of the Gustavus community.
  4. Each Gustavus student will have the opportunity to foster their understanding of and appreciation for diversity.


The Residential Learning Plan will be implemented in varying degrees based on the residential community being served. First-year residence halls will have a more intentional focus on developing identity and learning to live in community. Upperclass students will focus more on developing and extending relationships and, ultimately, how those relationships impact life in the broader community.

Strategies include:

  • individual meetings between residents and Collegiate Fellows.
  • monthly community meetings.
  • community calendars.
  • bulletin boards and door decorations.
  • social events and special traditional all-hall events.
  • leadership opportunities within residence halls.
  • Intentional Learning & Service program housing.

The Residential Learning Plan will integrate intellectual engagement with social interaction to create balanced, healthy, meaningful ways for residents to be involved in the life of their residence hall.