Moving in

Gustavus Adolphus College

Move-in Information - Fall 2022:

Note: Any/all information here is subject to change if any move-in, orientation, or other campus processes or policies change.

  • Please review the Orientation materials for full schedule when it is posted here.
  • Move in for first-year students will be Friday, September 2 as part of the First-Year Orientation Schedule.
    • Check in at your Residence Hall (Norelius, Pittman, Sohre) 9am-11am.
  • Move in for transfer students will be Sunday, September 4 as part of the Transfer Orientation Schedule.
  • Move in for returning students will be Sunday, September 4 or Monday, September 5/
    • Check in at the Residential Life office, Campus Center 105, to pick up your room key (8am - 4:45pm; contact to coordinate after-hours arrivals).
  • Fall 2022 classes begin Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Please review the following guidelines:

  • First-year students move in information (tips and parking/drop off guidelines) will be sent out in the mail in August - more info coming soon!
  • We discourage bringing large furniture items - they complicate the move in and out process, and Gustavus cannot provide storage for anyone who lives less than 350+ miles away, and cannot store furniture, rugs, or micro-fridges/microwaves.
    • Consider renting from (the only lofts approved for use in Residence Halls, but they also offer microwave/fridge rentals and futon purchases). Orders need to be placed by August 30 for pick up during move-in (September 3 or 5). 
    • Loft and rental pickups will be available during move in on Friday and Sunday of move-in from 8am-12pm - pick up at trailers outside Norelius and Pittman Halls.
  • Communal vacuums are not available - consider bringing a small vacuum/personal cleaning supplies for your room (public areas will receive regular cleaning services).
  • Please check out our What to Bring Guidelines to help you plan for arrival. Residence Hall rooms all contain the following furniture (which cannot be removed): bed (frame & mattress), desk & desk chair, closet/wardrobe & dresser, window covering (drapes or blinds). As a reminder - no personal air conditioners, candles, hot plates, or lofts other than those purchased through Review the Residential Life Policies page in the Gustie Guide for a full list of policies.
  • Linen and decor packages are available from OCM - order early August for home delivery before move-in!

COVID-related questions can be sent to:

Belongings drop-off:

(Note: Those with Fall housing assignments in College View or Chapel View will not be able to book for early belongings drop-off because those spaces are used for summer housing). Please do not book an early belongings drop off if you are approved for early arrival.

Students may schedule an early belongings drop-off time slotto move in your belongings (we encourage this if you are able, it is not required) into your Fall room assignment [FAll 2022 dates TBA].

  • A time slot booking will be required to be able to move in belongings.
  • Bookings will close 72 hours in advance of each arrival date/time to allow time for programming card access and preparing keys.
  • You will pick up your room key at the Residential Life office - lower level of the Jackson Campus Center, 105.
  • Move in your belongings and lock your door before departing campus, keep your key with you for when you return for regular move-in. (These bookings do not allow for overnight stays in your room).
  • First-year students may return to campus on Friday, September 2 for Orientation.
  • Returning students may return to campus Sunday, September 4 or Monday, September 5 at their convenience.

Early-arrival requests:
  • Make sure you review the early arrival information/requirements online and have advance approval if you are required to be on campus early (i.e., athletics, student employment, leadership role, etc. 
  • Those who violate the early return approval process (i.e., not receiving approval for early return, allowing roommates or friends to move-in without approval, etc) are subject to a $150/night charge to their student account for all parties involved.