The Chemistry curriculum is designed to function as an integral part of the liberal arts program of the College. The courses taken in normal sequence bring the student from general principles through advanced theories to the practical applications of research and industry. Science and non-science majors thus begin together and proceed to a level appropriate for their chosen program.

Name Title Phone Web
Amanda Nienow Associate Professor, Co-Chair 507-933-7327 web
Dwight Stoll Associate Professor, Co-Chair 507-933-6304 web
Brenda Kelly Interim Dean 507-933-7541
Scott Bur Professor and Director of the Nobel Conference 507-933-7038 web
Brian O'Brien Professor 507-933-7310 web
Jeff Dahlseid ’90 Associate Professor 507-933-6129 web
Jeff Jeremiason Associate Professor 507-933-6235 web
Brandy Russell Associate Professor 507-933-6160 web
Steve Miller Assistant Professor 507-933-7321 web
Jessica Imholte Lab Instructor 507-933-6303
Aron Anderson Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-6051
Heather Haemig Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6333
Ian Hill Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6327
Todd Swanson Adjunct Assistant Professor 507-933-6236 web
Anna Volkert ’20 Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6335
Matt Klun ’11 Visiting Instructor 507-933-7039
Meilin Huang
Angie Archer ’14 Laboratory Program Coordinator 507-933-6158 web
Tina Dahlseid Laboratory Technician
Christopher Harmes Laboratory Technician
Judith Helmeke Administrative Assistant 507-933-7320
Thomas Gover Professor Emeritus
Arne Langsjoen ’42 Professor Emeritus
Lawrence Potts Professor Emeritus