The Department of Nursing offers students a broad understanding of the discipline of nursing as a way of looking at the world. Nursing care of an individual patient, considers the family that supports the patient; the home environment in which the patient lives; the community resources available to help the patient; the local, state, and national politics that affect these resources; and the global community from which these resources are taken. As important members of inter-professional health care teams, nurses see human needs manifested in diverse beliefs, values, resources and conditions that could impact the effectiveness of highly sophisticated technical skills, devices and treatments. Throughout the nursing curriculum, students will develop clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills necessary to assess, respond to, and evaluate factors that impact health and wellbeing. Students will have the opportunity to practice inter-professional communication and collaboration, actively participate in the creation of knowledge by engaging in research, examine human issues that impact wellbeing, and advocate for quality, safe and effective care for patients across the lifespan.


The Department of Nursing fosters the development of nursing professionals who demonstrate the values of justice, faith, community, excellence and service through cognitive practice, integration of learning, ethical reflection and intercultural understanding. The Department of Nursing shares in the Mission of the College through an innovative and dynamic education that embraces the highest standards of teaching and scholarship.

Program Features

  • Magnet hospital clinical sites in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area
  • Attention to both urban and rural Public Health.
  • Opportunities to apply for specialty clinicals; Public Health in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska and Intensive Pediatrics in Minneapolis.
  • Summer internships in local, national, and global health care settings.
  • Mentorship Program with Nursing Alumni specific to student interest
  • Faculty- Student Research opportunities
  • Membership in the National (and Minnesota) Student Nurses Association
  • Funded J-Term internship at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA
  • Funded J-term internship at Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden.