Stewardship is an important part of the giving process and a priority at Gustavus. Our staff is careful to acknowledge gifts in a timely manner, report progress, and celebrate our dedicated donors. That’s because philanthropy is a choice, and we are grateful to our many donors who choose to support the mission and vision of this institution.

When you give a gift to Gustavus, you can expect that,

  • your gift will be acknowledged in a timely manner and be utilized in a way that meets your expectations and wishes.
  • your gift will be celebrated in a variety of ways, which may include invitations to special events, on-campus meetings with students or faculty, and publicity in campus media. We want you to know that your gift is greatly appreciated.
  • you will receive periodic reports on the status of your endowed gift. Those who choose to direct their gift to start an endowed fund will receive an annual statement detailing the financial performance to ensure it is being invested wisely.
Anonymous Gifts

On the Gustavus giving page or on your gift or pledge form, please check the box for anonymous if you prefer to have Gustavus not recognize your gift publicly or include your name among lists of Gustavus donors. You will receive a receipt, and your gift will be included in your personal giving history. But the gift will be indicated as anonymous in Advancement Office records, and it will be kept confidential by the Advancement staff and staff support.

If you prefer to have heightened anonymity in your giving to Gustavus, please contact your gift planner or the Advancement Office at 800-726-6192.