The Associate Provosts/Deans

TThe Office of the Provost is divided into several major functional areas, with an associate provost leading the initiatives of each. More complete descriptions of individual areas of responsibility are available in the Department Chairs Guide.

Micah Maatman

Associate Provost and Dean of Arts and Humanities

Micah Maatman, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance

Micah Maatman is the dean of arts and humanities. In this capacity, he oversees the divisions of Fine Arts and Humanities, various connected interdisciplinary programs, and the Writing Center. Maatman serves on several campus committees including: Academic Operations Committee (AOC), and Academic Technology Committee (ATC).


Eric Dugdale

Associate Provost and Dean of General Education

Eric Dugdale, Professor of Classics

Eric Dugdale is the dean of general education. His primary responsibilities include oversight of assessment, fellowships, First Term Seminar, January IEX, Three Crowns Curriculum, and Writing Across the Curriculum. Dugdale serves on several campus committees including: Course Approval Subcommittee (CAPSUB), Curriculum Committee, General Education Subcommittee (GENSUB), Global Engagement Committee (GEC), and the January Term Advisory Committee.


Julie Bartley

Associate Provost and Dean of Sciences and Education

Julie Bartley, Associate Professor of Geology

Julie Bartley is the dean of sciences and education. In this capacity, she oversees the divisions of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences, Education, and the various connected interdisciplinary programs. Her major responsibilities include expanding opportunities for and participation in faculty and student scholarship and research, student academic and conduct support, and furthering campus conversation on issues related to diversity. She is also Title IX Deputy Coordinator. Bartley serves on several campus committees including: Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning (CASL), Faculty Committee on Student Life (FCSL), and Faculty Development Committee (FDC).