Shanon Nowell


Assistant to the Provost in Provost's Office

When I was a little girl, we often visited my Aunt Christine during Christmas vacation. She would take my sister and me with her to work in the UMN Chemistry Department, where she is the Assistant to the Chair. I loved the office supplies, fancy typewriters--she even had a computer! I knew that I wanted to grow up to be my Aunt Christine, and, although I took a circuitous path, in some ways I did.

After high school, I attended NDSU in Fargo where I studied Theatre Arts. Upon graduating in 1999, I went on to manage a theatre box office and work in local youth theatre programs. When my husband got a job offer in South Dakota, we moved to the beautiful city of Pierre were I worked for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture as the Director of Agricultural Loan Mediation and Finance Counseling Services.

We moved to Saint Peter in the summer of 2005, again following a job opportunity for my husband, who also works at Gustavus as the Director of Web Services. We loved the sense of community and mission that is core to everything Gustavus. I was thrilled when this position became available and was also able to join the Gustavus community. And, of course, I fulfilled my wish to grow up and become my Aunt Christine.

Now I’ve been at Gustavus since July 2006, working collaboratively with the Provost and Deans in the leadership and administration of academic areas of the College. Although I like nearly all aspects of my job, I most enjoy working on faculty searches and coordinating the third year review and tenure processes; no coincidence, this is also some of the most important work I do.

Of course, my favorite job is as mom to my sons, Gilbert and Lewis. We love hiking and any other activity that gets us outdoors (our family goal is to visit each of Minnesota’s wonderful state parks). In my free time, I also enjoy volunteering and currently serve on the Saint Peter Public Library Board, the ECFE Advisory Board, and on the Marketing Committee of the Creative Play Place.


B.A. in Theatre Arts, North Dakota State University.

Areas of Expertise

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher