Elizabeth KubekFaculty

Director of Summer Term and Faculty Director of Student Academic Success in Provost's Office and Professor in English

Elizabeth Kubek currently serves as Gustavus' inaugural Faculty Director for Student Academic Success (reporting to the VPEI) and Director of Summer Term (reporting to the Provost's Office).  She is a graduate of the HERS Women's Leadership program (Wellesley 2014 cohort) with two decades of experience in faculty governance and academic administration.  Her Student Success work is supported by her recent scholarship on fostering student empathy, wellbeing, and belonging through interdisciplinary Humanities course design and teaching strategies.


B.A. English, Clark University; M.A. and Ph.D. English, University of Rochester

Courses Taught

ENG-298 (Challenge Seminar:Medical Hum) and FTS-100 (FTS:Beyond Masks and Supers)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
T/D-244 ST:Chekhov on Stage 4 2021/SP
GWS-118 Controversies in Feminism 2 2023/SP
T/D-370 Advanced Studies in Performance: Creative Research 2 2021/SP
ENG-244 ST:Medical Humanities 1 2023/SP
ENG-102 Literary Studies 1 2023/SP
ENG-144 ST:Give Me Some Information 1 2023/JN
T/D-270 Intermediate Studies in Performance: Creative Research 1 2021/SP
FTS-100 FTS:Happiness 1 2020/FA