Martha Ndakalako


Assistant Professor in English

Martha Ndakalako specializes in Anglophone African literature, African feminisms, and African Studies. Her research focuses on contemporary Namibian women’s literature and feminisms, and situates these within the broader contexts of African and global black feminisms, and African literature. She is particularly interested in unconventional feminist literatures, and the way in which these kinds of literatures innovate aesthetic and literary practices in order to circulate. Her essay on Namibian Facebook serial fiction was published in Postcolonial Text in 2020 in a special issue called Digital Africa. She also has a chapter in the volume African Women and their Networks of Support: Intervening Connections (2020), a collection of interdisciplinary essays on African women’s activism and feminist collaborations, of which Ndakalako is co-editor.

Martha is currently teaching courses on African Feminisms and Postcolonial African Literatures. She will also be teaching a course on Digital African Literatures in the Spring.


Ph.D. Comparative Litearature, University of Oregon; B.A. Literary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas

Courses Taught

ENG-101 (Read:African Feminism), ENG-281 (Postcolonial Lit), and GWS-101 (Read:African Feminism)