Mary Gaebler


Professor Gaebler teaches in the area of theological ethics. Her teaching and research interests include theological anthropology and related issues of human agency. She has a growing interest in theological issues related to consumerism, environmental degradation and globalization of corporations. Her publications include "Luther on the Self" Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 2002; and a review of "Law and Protestantism: The Legal Teachings of the Lutheran Reformation" by John Witte Jr. in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics, Feb. 2004.

Gaebler worked as a professional singer/actress in New York musical theater for 10 years before joining the Church and going on to seminary and further graduate study. She taught at Concordia College, Moorhead before joining the Gustavus community. At Gustavus since 2003.


B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1974; M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, 1990; S.T.M., M.A., Ph.D.,Yale, 1991, 1994, 2003

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Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
REL-123Faith, Religion, and Culture392014/FA, 2014/SP, 2013/FA, 2013/SP, 2012/FA, 2012/SP, 2011/FA, 2011/SP, 2010/FA, 2010/SP, 2009/FA, 2009/SP, 2008/FA, 2008/SP, 2007/FA, 2007/SP, 2006/FA, 2006/SP, 2005/FA, 2005/SP, 2004/FA, 2004/SP, and 2003/FA
REL-233Christian Social Ethics102014/SP, 2013/SP, 2012/SP, 2011/SP, 2010/SP, 2009/SP, 2008/SP, 2007/SP, 2006/SP, and 2004/SP
E/M-251Ethics in Business and Economics102010/FA, 2009/FA, 2008/FA, 2008/SP, 2007/FA, 2007/SP, 2006/FA, 2006/SP, 2005/FA, and 2005/SP
REL-262God & Gender42014/FA, 2012/FA, 2010/FA, and 2004/FA
FTS-100FTS:Affluenza32013/FA, 2011/FA, and 2008/FA
REL-162How Much Is Enough?32011/JN, 2006/JN, and 2004/JN
REL-282Perspectives on Evil, Sin, and Suffering12009/SP
REL-209Acting and Ethics12005/JN