Jill Locke


Professor in Political Science, Program Director in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, and Advisor in Pre-Law

Dr. Jill Locke teaches a range of courses in the history of political thought and democratic theory. She has published several articles, essays, and reviews and is the co-editor of Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009). During the 2006-08 academic years, Dr. Locke was a faculty fellow and visiting associate professor at Tulane University in New Orleans.


B.A. Whitman College; M.A. and Ph.D. Rutgers University

Courses Taught


POL-275 (Political Freedom), POL-380 (Feminist Political Thought), and POL-399 (Sem:Democratic Princ)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
POL-160Political and Legal Thinking142013/FA, 2013/SP, 2012/FA, 2011/FA, 2010/FA, 2010/SP, 2009/FA, 2009/SP, and 2005/FA
POL-285Sex, Power, and Politics72013/FA, 2012/FA, 2011/FA, 2011/SP, 2010/FA, 2005/FA, and 2004/FA
POL-175Classics in Political Thought: Modern72005/SP, 2003/SP, 2002/SP, and 2001/SP
POL-165Classics in Political Thought: Ancient and Medieval72004/FA, 2003/FA, 2002/FA, 2001/FA, and 2000/FA
POL-399Thesis72003/FA, 2003/SP, 2002/FA, 2002/SP, 2001/FA, 2001/SP, and 2000/FA
POL-380Feminist Political Thought52012/SP, 2006/SP, 2003/SP, 2002/SP, and 2001/SP
POL-099Senior Thesis52011/SP, 2010/SP, 2009/SP, 2005/SP, and 2003/FA
POL-344Special Topic: Democratic Principles52011/SP, 2010/SP, 2009/SP, 2008/FA, and 2004/FA
POL-275Political Freedom42013/SP, 2012/SP, and 2006/SP
POL-268Career Exploration42006/JN, 2005/JN, and 2002/JN
POL-244ST:Pol: Race & Racism32013/SP, 2008/FA, and 2001/FA
POL-280Democracy and Citizenship22005/SP and 2003/FA
NDL-203Politics, Literature, and Arts of New York City22004/JN and 2003/JN
POL-360Seminar: Politics and Sexuality22002/FA and 2001/FA
GWS-285Sex, Power, Politics12013/FA
POL-282Tocqueville: America12005/JN
POL-390Constitutional Law12001/SP

Courses prior to Spring semester 1999 are not displayed.