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Making Health Equity a Global Priority

Picture a world where everybody has access to the resources needed to live a healthy life. That vision is what drives the Public Health field. At Gustavus Adolphus, Public Health is an interdisciplinary program because health impacts every sector of society, from scientific research to local laws and policies. In this program, you will learn strategies to address challenges that impact the health status of communities and individuals. Topics you will explore include accessing health care, tools for controlling infectious diseases, environmental health, substance abuse and violence, and more. Public health took center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet its areas of focus extend far beyond infectious disease. The career paths are vast, with compassionate and skilled professionals in high demand.

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A Great Place to Gain the Skills to Serve the Community

As a Public Health student at Gustavus, you will be part of a close-knit group of passionate students motivated to make large-scale positive change. The State of Minnesota is also a national leader in healthcare and public health. The beautiful Gustavus Adolphus campus is a perfect place to build close-knit relationships with proximity to big-city career-related opportunities. You're minutes away from bustling Mankato and an hour from the dynamic Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. From here, you can hone in on your career interests, network with public health professionals, and receive personal attention that allows you to thrive.

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Minor and Related Programs in Public Health

Gustavus students pursue a Public Health minor because they enjoy working with a diverse group of people, are passionate about improving lives at the community level, and want to make a lasting positive impact on people's health. Public health is a wide-reaching field, which is why the Gustavus Public Health minor allows you to combine multiple interests into one career direction. As a minor, you will complete four core, departmental courses, then customize your class selection to specialize your degree. Your classroom experiences will draw on Economics and Management, Sociology, Nursing, Health and Exercise Science, and more. This prepares Gusties to advocate for public health initiatives in a wide-range of professional fields at the global, state, and county levels, or to work in nonprofit leadership, healthcare, and business.

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Develop Broad Skills to Affect Greater Change

At Gustavus, you are empowered to explore, engage, and advance your career in public health. Inside and outside the classroom, you will gain practical skills, develop a global perspective, build professional networks, and leave college prepared to make meaningful contributions to the field of public health. Explore the possibilities with Gustavus Public Health.

Explore Opportunities in Public Health

  • Internships — Apply your knowledge and skills in real-world settings, develop professional competencies, and build networks within the public health field.
  • Study Away — Experience different healthcare systems, cultural contexts, and approaches to public health that broaden your understanding of the field and enhance your cross-cultural competence.
  • Networking and Case-Based Coursework — By combining case-based coursework with guest speaker sessions and networking opportunities, you'll receive a comprehensive education and gain the practical skills and industry exposure that can greatly benefit your future career in public health.
  • Professional Development — Professional organizations play a vital role in the field of public health by providing educational and networking opportunities for professionals, students, and individuals. Being involved in these organizations can greatly enhance your academic and professional journey.
  • Creating a Public Health Major — An individualized Public Health major is a fantastic option for students who want to explore specific areas of interest in depth. It allows them to pursue their passions, tailor their academic experiences, and gain a comprehensive understanding of public health while preparing for future careers in the field.


Get to know the future Public Health professionals from Gustavus! Students and faculty in Public Health are forward-thinking and motivated by service. Discover how they are preparing to drive progress in their field.

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The collaborative nature of public health allows you to work with individuals from diverse health disciplines, including doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, social workers, and educators, among others. This interdisciplinary approach fosters a holistic understanding of health issues and promotes collaborative solutions that consider various perspectives. Ultimately, Gustavus students pursuing a Public Health minor have the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the health and well-being of communities by working collaboratively and focusing on community-level change.

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