Rebecca Fremo


Associate Professor and Interim Director of Writing Across the Curriculum in English

This year I'm excited to pilot an interdisciplinary, project-based course that includes an FTS and a linked LARS/ NASP course: "Digging In: Considering Ecology and Community." Before serving as Chair of the English department from 2011-2014, I directed our Writing Center (2000-2011) and the WAC Program (2000-2005).  If there's an initiative on campus related to writing, I'm probably involved in it, and I'm especially passionate about teaching and learning with multilingual students.  I teach a wide range of courses, including Writing Creative Nonfiction, Writing Process, First Term Seminar, and Senior Seminar. I'm especially excited about a new course called Writing and Nonprofits.  I am interested in the relationship between writing and identity, and I'm currently working on a project that involves teaching pilot sections of First Term Seminar (FTS) designed specifically for multilingual students.  I studied Rhetoric and Composition in graduate school, and my real passion is teaching writing--all kinds of writing--to all sorts of students. I also write poetry and creative nonfiction.  My first chapbook of poems, Chasing Northern Lights, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2012, and I published two pieces of creative nonfiction in 2015. I just completed a book-length collection of poems, as well as an article titled "Rhetorical Push and Pull: A Case Study of Multilingual Writers at a Small Private College."  In my other life, I'm the mother of three boys who keep me very, very busy.

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B.A. Virginia Tech; M.A. Virgina Tech; Ph.D. Ohio State University

Courses Taught


ENG-210 (Writing Process), ENG-399 (Senior Seminar), and FTS-100 (FTS:Think Globally)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
ENG-212Academic Writing122015/FA, 2014/SP, 2013/SP, 2011/FA, 2010/FA, 2010/SP, 2008/FA, 2007/SP, 2006/SP, 2003/SP, 2002/SP, and 2001/SP
FTS-100FTS:Why Multi Matters122015/FA, 2013/FA, 2012/FA, 2010/FA, 2009/FA, 2008/FA, 2006/FA, 2005/FA, 2004/FA, 2003/FA, 2001/FA, and 2000/FA
ENG-256Creative Nonfiction72013/FA, 2011/FA, 2009/FA, 2006/SP, 2005/FA, 2004/FA, and 2002/SP
ENG-247Teaching Writing62016/SP, 2014/SP, 2012/SP, 2010/SP, 2004/SP, and 2003/SP
ENG-237Adolescent Literature62013/SP, 2012/SP, 2011/SP, 2009/SP, 2007/SP, and 2001/SP
ENG-397Methods and Materials of Secondary Education42007/JN, 2005/JN, 2002/JN, and 2001/JN
ENG-399Senior Seminar32011/SP, 2006/FA, and 2004/SP
ENG-268Career Exploration32006/JN, 2003/JN, and 2001/JN
ENG-244Special Topic: Tutoring Writing22011/SP and 2009/FA
ENG-105Cross-Genre Narratives12013/JN
FTS-100First Term Seminar Lab12010/FA
ENG-114Art of Interpretation12009/SP
ENG-257Women's Hybrid Genres12003/JN

Courses prior to Spring semester 1999 are not displayed.