Public Deliberation and Dialogue

A regional and campus resource, the Public Deliberation and Dialogue program equips Gustavus students to research and design communication strategies to address pressing issues and make reasoned, community-based decisions. Most recently, the program supported community conversations around the St. Peter, MN school sytem.

The student facilitors who led community conversations in St. Peter, Spring 2017.

What is deliberation?Deliberation

Through deliberation, community members come together to weigh their options about how to move forward. It often entails a structured, facilitated conversation designed to respond to the particular problem or question the community faces. It includes argument analysis and understanding across difference. Its primary goal is the advancement and development of ethical policies and practices.


Community Deliberation in St. Peter

What is dialogue?

Dialogue helps community members to better understand issues and each other. Its primary goal is knowledge and perspective-taking.

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