Faculty Activities

Inside Gustavus

The Office of Marketing and Communication produces a weekly community email newsletter. Faculty are invited to submit recent accomplishments using the online submission form. Faculty accomplishments featured in Inside Gustavus will be added to the Provost's Office blog.

Provost's Office Blog

We welcome submissions to the Provost Office blog. Here are our submission guidelines to help you craft and submit your post.

1. Thematic Focus: Our focus is to showcase our faculty’s professional accomplishments as well as interesting ways in which they engage our students. The Provost Office blog is not a substitute for shorter announcements of faculty achievements which should continue to be posted in to the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Database.

2. Content Criteria: Our blog will highlight departmental initiatives/distinctions as well as faculty and student professional activities/accomplishments. Alumni stories that highlight how their Gustavus education contributed to their success are a second focus. This is not intended as a venue for committee announcements, personal notices (like kudos), op-eds, columns, letters, or event notices. Content may include postings about:

  • Faculty achievements (publications, presentations, grants, fellowships, etc.), taking care to ensure that the story is of interest to a general audience by bringing to life its significance rather than just listing the achievement as one would do in an Inside Gustavus announcement.
  • Innovation or distinction within a department or program.
  • Student-faculty research and other forms of faculty-student engagement.
  • Alumni achievements, being sure that announcements highlight the ways in which the alum’s Gustavus academic experiences facilitated their current success/achievement. More general alumni updates should be submitted to the Alumni Office blog (https://gustavus.edu/alumni/submit/).

3. Style and formatting: Submissions should be written in a simple, journalistic style. Aim for clear, concise, compelling writing and follow these tips:

  • Keep the post to a length of 250 to 500 words;
  • Write in short sentences;
  • Break up large blocks of text with headings;
  • Bullet major points;
  • Use subheadings; and
  • Write a brief title that will generate interest.

5. Links: You are encouraged to include hyperlinks to relevant external websites.

6. Comments: Comments and replies will be moderated.

7. Rights: We will only post submissions that meet our content criteria (see above). The posting may be shared with other interested campus constituents (e.g., Marketing, Advancement, Admission).

8. Promotion of your content: When appropriate, we will promote your submission through our social media accounts. You may also promote it through your social networks with appropriate links to the blog.

9. Content review process: We will review your submission and will respond within one week of receipt. Submissions should be publication-ready. We will make minor typographical adjustments if necessary, but pieces requiring more substantial editing will be returned to the author for changes. If we receive multiple submissions, we will stagger postings at our discretion.

10. Submitting your content: Submit your content as a Word document to Shanon Nowell (snowell@gustavus.edu). You may choose to include an image to accompany your submission (optional). Include the following information at the beginning of your document:

  • Title of the submission.
  • Your name and title directly below the title.
  • A caption for your image.