College Accreditation Committee


  1. The Gustavus Adolphus College Accreditation Committee will be convened by the President, with the Provost acting as its presider.
  2. The Committee members are expected to become familiar with the processes and criteria for accreditation, and will work to ensure continued Higher Learning Commission accreditation.
  3. The Committee will guide the accreditation progress and process for the entire college, including:
    1. Development of timelines, policies, and procedures for accreditation within the guidelines provided by the HLC.
    2. Coordinating training for faculty, staff, and administration with regard to accreditation criteria, policies, and procedures.
    3. Engaging the college community in ongoing dialogue with regard to HLC accreditation.
    4. Recommending faculty, staff, students, or others to the President for subcommittees as needed in the accreditation process.
    5. Providing editorial input on assurance reports and other special monitoring or progress reports required by the HLC.
  4. The Committee will report on HLC accreditation progress and processes to the College constituencies as necessary.

2022-23 Committee Membership

  • Rebecca Bergman, President
  • Brenda Kelly, Provost
  • Kristen Hank, Finance Office Representative
  • JoNes VanHecke, Vice President for Student Life
  • Sean Easton, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Mary Westby, Curriculum Committee Representative
  • Madison Bailey '23, Student Representative
  • Harrison Wold '23, Student Representative
  • Deb Swanberg, Support Staff Representative
  • David Menk, Director of Institutional Research
  • Sarah Ruble, Associate Provost and College Assessment Director

Committee Meeting Minutes